Useful College Backpack Essentials That Are Also Affordable

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Here’s the list of school bag essentials you absolutely need

Since school will start soon, I’m going to present you with this awesome list of college backpack essentials you absolutely need.

Learning is a lifelong process, and I’m very eager to learn more and more every day.

I remember that the most exciting part about school was buying school supplies at the end of August. I would browse through multiple catalogs and choose the perfect school supplies for the following year.

I also remember my mom used to pay for these things, but later I saved up enough money to pay for my school supplies myself. There was and still is something so rewarding about being able to pay for my own things.

Oh, and I also really loved organizing my papers. There is something so relaxing about that. I’ve always loved organizing, scheduling, and preparing. It’s really my thing, and it also feels really, really satisfying if you achieve something and gain control of your life.

So, I decided to come up with a list of useful school supplies that are also affordable. When I went to school, I think we didn’t have such a wide variety of different school supplies, but it might also be because of where I live.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun creating this list and I truly hope you’ll find it useful as well. Without further ado, let me show you some of the items I picked out for you.

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Now it’s time to show you my favorite backpack essentials for school


I think markers really belong to the backpack necessities because I know literally no one who doesn’t love a good set of colorful markers. I usually use markers to highlight the most important parts of my work, but I also know some people who use markers to dye their hair (not recommended).

When looking for markers, I always buy the ones that are water-resistant and have a fine bullet tip for both broad highlighting and fine underlining. A wide range of colors is also a must-have.


First of all, these gel pens are C-U-T-E. They also dry fast and have black ink. For aesthetic reasons, I actually prefer black ink to blue. When looking for new gel pens, I always go for the ones that are easy to write with, have a smooth flow, and don’t need a lot of pressure to make clear lines.


I love-love-love notebooks. I have tons of notebooks and I’m addicted to buying new notebooks. There’s just something very satisfying about it. I prefer notebooks that have a colorful design, are ruled, and have a spiral binding. Writing down your goals in your notebook is also a bulletproof way to increase your productivity.


I can’t write this blog post about college backpack essentials without mentioning backpacks. I remember when I was younger and my mom wanted to buy me this “ugly” ergonomic backpack, and it literally made me sad.

Now, as I’m older, I really understand the importance of good ergonomics. Whenever I’m in need of a new backpack, I always opt for ones that are durable, waterproof, and spacious.


I love taking notes. I’m the master of taking notes. Whatever thought or idea I have in my head, I need to get it out immediately. Writing down is also good because I tend to forget a lot of great ideas I have if I don’t write them down. As for sticky notes, I prefer sticky notes that are easy to peel and use and have a cute design.


I’m an Amy (if you’ve watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you’ll know). When I was in school, I really loved organizing my papers (I still do) and that’s where binders come into play.

You can organize your papers alphabetically, by category, or even chronologically. Keep in mind that a good binder is always made of strong and sturdy material and is easy to use.


Folders actually deserve first place in these backpack essentials. Just like I loved using binders to organize my papers, I was also very fond of using folders for that purpose. I used to say that I like to file in style.

As for folders, my personal preference is expanding file folders that have expandable pockets and are also sturdy, waterproof, and lightweight.


By stuff holders, I mean laptop stands, phone holders, and post-it note dispensers. These products are made to make our lives easier and more convenient.

The laptop stand and phone holder both have an ergonomic design that prevents you from hunching over your screen, which actually reduces neck and shoulder pain you might have sooner or later.


I always go crazy for cute stationery items. Trust me, I know I should always look for practicality, but I can’t help it – I really love cute stationery items.

I absolutely adore these multi-color scissors (they’d make a great desk accessory), that pink ELECTRIC pencil sharpener (how cute is that?!), and this stapler that looks like a high-heeled shoe.

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I’m here to prove that tape dispensers don’t have to be boring. That gold unicorn tape dispenser is simply magical. And let’s not even talk about that hedgehog tape dispenser—I have two friends who would love that. With these tape dispensers, you can take wrapping and crafting to a totally new dimension.


When discussing college backpack essentials, I must include weather essentials.

Do you know that feeling when you go to school in the morning and the weather is super nice and warm, but when you get home, the weather has changed and it’s cold and breezy, and you regret not bringing a warm scarf with you?

That’s why it’s always a good idea to be prepared. You can bring an umbrella, sunglasses, warm gloves, cozy hats, scarves, or even an extra pair of socks depending on the season. They take up little space but provide significant help.


Comfort items include everything that makes your life easier. These are not must-haves, but you’ll be glad to have them with you. These comfort items can include water bottles, power banks, headphones, and so on. Anything that would make a long and tiring school day more bearable.


I enjoy making plans for my life. Planning is a form of therapy for me because it is so comforting and soothing. A good planner, in my opinion, is undated, has plenty of writing space, and is hardcover.

A planner is essential for writing down all of your tasks at school so that you don’t forget them. You can also set school-related goals and any other random thoughts that come to mind.

More things to add:

  • Your phone, laptop and chargers
  • Personal items (keys, cards, ID)
  • Snacks and gum to chew after snacking
  • School books, textbooks, workbooks
  • A calculator if you’re not allowed to use your phone
  • Sanitary products if you need those
  • Some pocket change/money just in case

These were the best college backpack essentials you don’t want to miss out on

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What did you think of my list of school supplies you absolutely need? What does a college girl’s backpack need to include, in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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