15 Affordable Dorm Room Essentials for Girls That You Need

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Super affordable dorm decor for girls

The first day of school is quickly approaching, and for many of you, it will be a completely new beginning. I know a lot of people who are starting college this year, so I decided to come up with this list of dorm room essentials for girls to help you decorate your new college girls’ dorm.

I know that living alone can be pretty scary, especially in the beginning. When you’re living in a dorm room, you’re never completely alone, but nevertheless, it can be pretty terrifying at first.

You’re stepping out of your comfort zone, so you want this experience to be as smooth and easy as possible. That’s why preparing is key.

Dorm rooms are also pretty small, and you often have to share your space with someone, so you need to make every inch count. I actually took that into account while creating that list.

If you’re wondering what life in a dorm is like, read this post about surprising things about living in a dorm. It was a pretty interesting read.

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Now it’s time to show you a college dorm checklist for freshman girls


I added this mini fridge to my list of dorm essentials for girls because this fridge is a life-saver. Yes, you can store drinks and snacks there, but you can also store your medications and skin care products.

Both of these fridges are relatively small and lightweight, so they don’t take up a lot of space, which is a must-have when you’re living in a dorm.

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When we talk about dorm room essentials for girls, we need to talk about mirrors. Every girl needs a mirror. I really like these rechargeable lighted makeup mirrors because the lighting in my bathroom is really bad, so the more lighting I have, the better.

These mirrors also have a touch sensor to turn the lights on and off, which is a nice modern bonus.

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Raise your hand if you don’t have a proper trash bin and use a random plastic container instead. I had to throw away my trash bin because there was some bug in it (I’m terrified of bugs) and I still haven’t bought a new one yet…

When looking for a new trash bin, always look for ones that have a large capacity, a silently closing lid, and are easy to clean.

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A clothes steamer is a must-have because it’s such a lifesaver. Sure, you can buy an iron, but then you’d probably need to buy an ironing board as well, which takes up a lot of space.

Or if you’re like me, you’ll burn your clothes with an iron. That’s when a steamer comes in handy. They are powerful and effective yet really easy to use, even for beginners. And they are small, so they don’t take up a lot of space.

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Waking up early in the morning (click to read my tips for it) to go to school can be pretty exhausting at first.

That’s why I always recommend buying an alarm clock and putting it somewhere very far away from you so that you will have to physically get up to turn it off. I feel like with phones, it’s much easier to hit that snooze button and sleep in.

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Do I love cleaning? I mean, it’s not the worst thing. However, there’s a huge difference between using a broom and a vacuum cleaner to clean your room.

A good vacuum cleaner can save you tons of time (so that you can focus on your studies more) and energy. I prefer vacuum cleaners that are cordless, quiet, and lightweight.

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A rice cooker is the best invention ever because it will save you tons and tons of time. Multicookers are easy and safe to use, and they have different programs for different meals.

They are also portable, compact, and super easy to clean. A lot of them also have this keep-warm function, which is a must-have for college students who are constantly hustling.

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Storage organizers are probably amongst the best dorm room essentials for girls because properly organizing your things will save you tons of time and space, especially when you’re dealing with small rooms (and that’s what dorm rooms usually are).

The storage organizers I chose for this post have a large capacity, so you can store everything there, starting from extra blankets and pillows to your clothes.

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When you’re in college, you’re trying to save as much money as possible (here’s how you can). So, most of the time, ordering takeout coffee is a no-go. That’s why I always suggest investing in a good coffee machine.

The ones I chose for this college dorm kitchen essentials post are really affordable, and, actually, you will save tons of money in the long run if you make your own coffee at home.

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When we talk about the dorm checklist for girls, a long power cord isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind, but a good power cord goes a long way (ha!). They are quite useful.

For example, sometimes you want to charge your phone next to your bed, but the nearest power socket is too far. That’s when long power cords come in handy.

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Just like the name says, a desk organizer will keep your desk organized. I chose rose gold desk organizers for this post because I really like the rose gold aesthetic right now.

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Towels are such obvious dorm bathroom essentials, but I thought I’d still mention them. Just like I wouldn’t share my toothbrush with strangers, I’d also prefer not to share my towels.

That’s why you should have at least a few different towels you can use. I personally prefer having a separate towel for my face, my body, my hair, and also my hands.

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Raise your hand if you like doing laundry! I think I do. When you live in a dorm, you don’t want to leave your dirty clothes lying around. It’s just not very polite.

That’s why you should invest in a large laundry basket that’s also easy to clean. They’re very affordable, yet they’ll make a huge difference in your life.

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To be honest, I did not know shower caddies existed. Thank goodness we have Amazon to show us all those crazy things we can buy.

A shower caddy is one of those great dorm bathroom essentials because it has a lot of compartments that keep everything you need easily accessible. Besides, you can just hang it over the door or on a hook, and it will save you tons of space.

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So you’re living in a dorm. You don’t have a lot of space, so you need to use every inch very wisely. That’s why I decided to list these space-saving hangers as the last item on this list of college essentials for girls.

When you use space-saving hangers, you can fit many more clothes into your wardrobe. I also feel it’s much easier to organize your closet this way.

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These were the dorm room essentials for girls that are super useful and affordable

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That’s it for today’s post. What did you think of my list of affordable college essentials for girls? Did I miss anything really important? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. When I was in college, I remember not liking to bring around a shower caddy. I never had to and it was such an adjustment! Thankfully, it was only for one year and eventually lived in places where I had my own bathroom. Well, I had to share the bathroom with my roommates but it was better than sharing it with the whole floor!

    I love that you included an alarm clock on here because most people use their phones only. I always set up two alarm clocks in case it doesn’t work. I do rely on my phone but I absolutely need an alarm clock. I kinda get made fun of for having but who cares? It works


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