50 Affordable Self-Improvement Gifts for Every Occasion

Last Updated on October 5, 2022

50 really cool gifts for growth if you’re feeling uninspired

If you’re looking for some really good self-improvement gifts, keep reading, as this post will show you 50 different presents you can give someone who’s into self-care. Or you can even use that guide if you’re just looking for self-development gifts.

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Now let’s have a look at some really good gifts for self-improvement


You probably know that practicing yoga improves your strength and flexibility, helps you reduce stress, and boosts your mood and energy levels.

This purple yoga mat can also be used as a beach towel because it’s thick enough to be wrapped around. It’s made of 100% cotton and is big enough to fit two people comfortably.

This cyan yoga mat is made of faux suede material. It’s moisture-resistant, so you can wash it whenever you want.

What I really like about these two mats is that they are multi-purpose. You can use them for yoga, pilates, aerobics, other workouts, camping, sleeping, meditation, and just sitting by the pool or outside.


I recently bought a good pair of earphones and they are life-changing. I love hearing only what I want to hear because it helps me focus on what I’m listening to, so that’s when noise-canceling earphones come in handy.

I know some people prefer in-ear earphones and some prefer the ones that go over the ears, so I decided to include both of them.

I really like these Bose earphones because they promise to offer crisp and clear details, deep and full bass, and a lifelike sound that’s full and balanced at every volume level. How great is that?!


A foot bath/massager is one of those things I would love to get.

This foot bath has rollers that can be used to give your feet a deep massage, which can help you avoid common foot problems, relieve stress, induce deep sleep, improve your metabolism, deal with cracked heels, and so on.

This foot bath has a removable pumice stone that helps to exfoliate your feet and soften any rough skin you might have. It’s also splash-proof, which is a nice bonus. Mmm, a soothing foot bath, here I come!


This diffuser has so many good benefits. It improves the quality of your home’s air and atmosphere, masks the odor of your pets or the smell that comes from smoking (if you have such problems), and protects your family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more.

Is there any reason not to invest in this diffuser? I didn’t think so!


This bathtub caddy tray is also one of those really good growth gifts, because, well, who doesn’t like taking a soothing bath and reading a motivational book at the same time?

Now, imagine that you want to put your book down for a few seconds just to enjoy the moment. Sure, you can put the book on the edge of the tub, but who will guarantee it won’t fall into the tub?

These bathtub caddy trays safely hold your book, tablet, smartphone, or drinking glass. You no longer have to be afraid that something will fall into the tub and you can calmly enjoy your bath time.


Okay, let’s talk about massage guns. What can this massage gun do?

Basically, a massage gun offers powerful deep muscle treatment by relieving muscle fatigue and pain, promoting blood circulation, relieving lactic acid, and providing you with an overall relaxing experience.

If you know someone who works out a lot, this is the perfect present for them. But actually, I feel like everyone could benefit from this good massage gun.

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I know that you’ve probably tired of seeing comfy slippers in every suggestion, but hear me out. Slippers are not for old people only. And yes, slippers can be elegant as well.

I picked out two pairs of slippers that are both warm and comfortable. They also have memory foam (which is really good for your feet) and are super durable. Let me tell you, I’m 25 and I would be really happy if I got a pair of new comfy slippers.


If you know someone who doesn’t like sleeping in the dark, this moon lamp is the perfect present for them. Besides being practical, both of these picks look cute and they make great home decor elements.


A matcha tea set is among the great self-improvement gifts for women who love drinking tea. Now, keep in mind that while matcha has a lot of good benefits, it isn’t something everyone likes. However, these sets are perfect for people who like matcha and love having their own tea ceremonies.


Let’s talk about the benefits of having a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. By reducing the friction that causes frizz, breakage, and hair loss, they keep all hair types healthier and more manageable.

Silk pillowcases are ideal for sensitive skin as silk won’t attract dust mites. Cotton pillowcases absorb your skin’s natural moisture and all those products you use on your face, but with silk pillowcases, your moisturizer stays on your skin.


Besides having the usual time function, smartwatches can track your activity, steps, heart rate, menstrual cycle, and stress levels, and also monitor your sleep.

It’s a fantastic present idea for people who are trying to be more active and focus more on personal growth by evaluating their physical activity, stress level, and sleep status.


If you haven’t heard of weighted blankets (this one’s quite affordable), you’re missing out on a lot.

Weighted blankets offer a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night of sleep. They’re designed to weigh approximately 10% of your total body weight in order to help you relax by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged.

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This relaxation artboard is amongst my favorite personal growth gifts because I’ve always been interested in art and the calming effect it has on us.

With this artboard, you don’t need paint to draw. You can just paint with water and later watch the image disappear. You can actually imagine that your stress disappears along with the image. What a relaxing present!


If you know someone who might have trouble sleeping, a calming pillow mist (this pillow mist smells so good...) is exactly what this person might need.

Basically, it’s a natural stress-relieving spray that you can use on your pillows, sheets, towels, clothing, and so on. They’re proven for stress relief, calming sleep, and deep sleep.


Just like I mentioned, art has a calming effect on you, whether you’re just enjoying art made by someone else or creating it yourself.

My favorite one is certainly this anxiety coloring book for adults. Coloring is actually a really fun way to spend your free time, clear your mind, and unwind.


If you know someone who wants to step up their skincare game, this facial roller might be a great present for them.

What does this facial roller do? It brightens your complexion and reduces puffiness in your undereye bags. It also soothes any irritation and redness you might have. And last but not least, it improves your blood flow and helps to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.


Good sleep is crucial for self-improvement. If you haven’t slept well, your brain won’t function properly, you’ll be moody and irritated, and it affects your quality of life. That’s why the white noise machine is among the greatest self-improvement gifts. Let me tell you more about it.

Just like the name says, this white noise machine makes soothing natural noises to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. A lot of people think it makes an unbearable noise, but that’s not the case.

It actually mimics the natural environment for the most relaxing experience possible, so it’s a must-have if you know someone who has trouble sleeping.


Okay, that’s an interesting one. A light therapy device mimics the full spectrum of light found in daylight. Let’s be honest, it’s a must-have for those dark winter nights because a lack of sunlight can cause many health issues.

I really like this mask version because, according to their description, all it takes is 15-20 minutes of use 3 times a week to see a boost in collagen levels and smoother, brighter skin. It’s said to offer effective results for practically all skin problems, so it’s really promising.


A laser hair remover is among the best self-improvement gifts for women who hate shaving (like me). This hair remover uses advanced IPL technology to break the cycle of hair regrowth.

It basically means that after using it for a while, your hair shouldn’t grow, or even if it does, it’s not that thick and dark anymore.

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Did you know that dry air causes a lot of health problems, starting with asthma, dry skin, dehydration, sore throats, nosebleeds, and so on? That’s why I would suggest investing in this humidifier. They don’t cost a lot, but they will make a huge difference.

BTW, if you don’t know the difference between a diffuser and a humidifier, then diffusers are typically smaller devices that can be used with essential oils, whereas humidifiers are typically larger devices used to regulate the moisture level in the air.


These essential oils are probably not a surprise among these self-development gifts. You can use essential oils basically everywhere.

They can be used for aromatherapy, Ayurveda, steam inhalations, skincare, massage, natural perfumery, baths, hair care, saunas, air freshening (in diffusers), compresses, vaporization, chakra balancing, or to enhance shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps, and bath bombs.


An electric toothbrush makes your life so much easier by making the whole teeth-brushing experience more convenient. Besides, the brushes I listed here can remove up to seven times more plaque compared to a manual toothbrush.

By using an electric toothbrush like this one, you’re protecting your teeth and gums because it has a pressure sensor that gently pulses to alert you when you’re brushing too hard. It also has a 2-minute timer to ensure that you brush your teeth for the recommended time.


A face cleanser amongst these gifts for growth? Yes, absolutely. Gifting someone a face cleanser doesn’t mean you think they don’t wash their faces enough. It’s a perfect present for someone who’s really into skincare.

A proper face cleanser brush lifts away dirt, oil, and makeup residue and unclogs your pores while not being too harsh on your skin. It should also enhance blood flow for an even better glow.


If you know someone who really loves taking soothing baths, gifting them bath salts is actually not a bad idea. If you’re choosing bath salts, pick ones that are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and, preferably, overall eco-friendly.

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Crystals aren’t for everyone. A lot of people have this love-or-hate relationship with crystals, so before gifting someone crystals, make sure that they actually like them. However, if you know someone who does like them, these sets are amazing presents for both new and experienced collectors.

These were the best self-improvement gifts for women of all ages

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