150+ Good Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Last Updated on November 11, 2022

Here you’ll find some of the best lifestyle blog content ideas

Whether you’ve just set up your blog and you’re looking for lifestyle blog post ideas that make money or you’ve simply run out of ideas and you’re looking for new and creative content, this post is right for you.

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Now, if you just started blogging, then keep in mind that the general advice is that it’s good to focus only on one or just a few niches because 1. Focusing allows you to write very well about one topic; 2. From the SEO standpoint, it’s easier to rank in the search engines as a single-topic blog.

Besides, as a beginner, it can be really hard to understand the best practices of SEO, so focusing on just one niche can help you better.

My advice would be to stay original. People can talk about the same topic using different approaches. The key is not to repeat what other people have done. Yes, it might sound impossible, but trust me, it actually is not, because you have a unique voice, unique experiences, and unique opinions.

If you have certain lifestyle article ideas in mind, take a pen and paper, sit down, and think about different angles to talk about the topic you’ve chosen. Include your own experiences—have you learned anything useful in connection with this topic?

This is also connected with SEO. If you use highly competitive keywords and write the same stuff that everybody else already has, then chances are you won’t rank high on Google. What you need to do is target low-competition keywords. You can read more about the best practices of SEO in my blog post.

There are a lot of lists for lifestyle blog ideas that make money, but they all tend to repeat each other. I was thinking: “Why do people try to find new topics to write about?”

They’re looking for those topics because they are looking for new ideas to write about that would generate money. So, I’m going to tell you what to write about in a lifestyle blog and I also added a suggestion on how you can monetize those posts.

You can also use my ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

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This post may contain affiliate links. That means that if you click on a link and purchase something I recommend, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

How to monetize your blog posts?

When you’re choosing the most suitable ways to monetize your blog, make sure you know your target audience and offer high-quality products or services that will benefit them. Don’t recommend products you haven’t really tried or don’t believe in. Your readers will see through it.

It doesn’t have to take a long time to monetize a blog. When you find high-quality, targeted products or advertisements, they can last a long time. You also don’t need 100,000 page views every month to start earning money with your blog. What matters is that you have a target audience that trusts you.

We know that there are different ways to monetize your blog posts, starting with ads, paid posts, and selling your own products. I think the best way to monetize every post is by using affiliate marketing. Don’t let this word scare you.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means you recommend products or services to your audience for a commission. When someone purchases something by clicking on your affiliate link, you get paid. An affiliate link is a link that contains a snippet of code that is unique to you. Affiliate links are basically used to track the traffic that is directed to the advertisers’ websites.

I believe that there’s not a blog post that can’t be monetized (we’re talking about legal things here, right). So, what you can do as a beginner blogger to monetize your posts is use affiliate links where it’s possible. Try not to appear too spammy.

I think of it as an (everlasting) investment, because sure, your blog posts might not get a lot of views right now, so your target audience isn’t really big, but eventually, it’ll grow and people will start seeing your posts, trusting you, and therefore purchasing your recommended products.

Also, don’t forget to mention at the beginning of your blog post that the following post contains affiliate links!

Which affiliate programs to use? If you Google your blog niche or a certain store you like + “affiliate program”, you’ll find tons of brands that offer affiliate programs. There are really tons of affiliate programs, so I’m not going to list all of them, but I’m going to give you some starters.

Amazon is a goldmine because they have literally everything you can ever dream of. The commission you earn isn’t really high (up to 10% from a purchase), but the good thing about Amazon is that they don’t have too strict requirements, so even beginners can join them.

Other ones I’ve heard good things about are Skimlinks and ShareASale. These are basically affiliate networks that offer tons of affiliate programs suitable for every niche.

If you’re a fashionista, you can join affiliate programs like Asos, Nordstrom, or Forever 21. You can also find a lot of stuff from RewardStyle.

If you’re a beauty blogger, Sephora has an affiliate program. I also really like the BH Cosmetics affiliate program, Charlotte Tilbury’s affiliate program, and Beautylish’s affiliate program.

If you’re a DIY or a home decor blogger, you should join the Etsy affiliate program. It’s my second favorite affiliate program after Amazon.

If you blog about blogging, there are so many tools and services you can recommend, starting with Bluehost, Tailwind, and the Ultimate Bundles.

Now we’re moving on to the lifestyle blog post ideas that you can use as pointers to allow your imagination to run wild. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, a food blogger, a lifestyle blogger, or a beauty blogger, I’ve got you covered.

Now it’s time to talk about some of the best lifestyle blog topics

Cool beauty blog post ideas

  1. Anti-hauls. Anti-haul means talking about products you wouldn’t buy or recommend despite the hype. Sure, you can recommend good products to your readers, but you should also tell them if you find something that you wouldn’t recommend. Honesty makes you authentic.
  2. Are you into budgeting and DIY-ing? Share with your readers how to make the best DIY face mask/body scrub/face scrub/lip balm or other DIY beauty treatment products. Don’t forget to list the ingredients with affiliate links.
  3. Best sites to seek out cheap makeup. Check if some of them have an affiliate program.
  4. Create your own at-home spa experience or make your own spa kit. This is a great idea during the ongoing pandemic. You can help your readers to take care of their mental health and you can also refer to the products you use.
  5. Discuss which makeup brushes to choose and what to take into action when looking for new brushes.
  6. Do full reviews of different products, whether it’s your favorite face cream or a high-end red lipstick.
  7. Give advice on the best skin care products for dry/oily/sensitive skin.
  8. How to do a smokey eye/cat eye/perfect red lip? Share your techniques or even do a video tutorial about them.
  9. If you have already talked about your skincare routine, talk about your hair care routine as well.
  10. If you know any good tips about the dos and don’ts in the makeup world, share them with your readers.
  11. I’m not very good at doing my makeup, although I wish I was better. I own three lipsticks, mascara, and a few makeup palettes. Talk about what makes a good makeup starter kit.
  12. Just like our routine should depend on the season, it also differs depending on the time of the day. Talk about your skincare routine in the morning/at night.
  13. Know any bulletproof hairstyles to try at the gym? Share them.
  14. List cruelty-free/vegan brands and link to them.
  15. List the products you use every day.
  16. Mention your top ten beauty products and how they benefit you.
  17. Not all drugstore makeup is bad. Share your drugstore makeup must-haves.
  18. Our skincare routine should depend on the season. Talk about seasonal self-care ideas.
  19. Perfect fragrances/lipsticks/eyeshadows for X season. The possibilities are endless and these posts are a little bit more specific because they target a certain product and certain brands. Make sure to share only the products you personally love or believe in. Another option is to share your favorite matte lipsticks/shiny eyeshadows etc from your makeup collection. There are so many different categories you can choose from.
  20. Right now, internet shopping is something probably everyone does. With this ongoing pandemic, we’re ordered to stay at home as much as possible. What do we do when we’re stuck at home? We order stuff from the internet. If you’ve stumbled across some really awesome sales, make sure to share them with your readers by doing a sale roundup post.
  21. Share upcoming makeup trends.
  22. Share tips on how to take care of your eyebrows yourself.
  23. Share your favorite ways to save on makeup. Which makeup products to buy when you’re on a tight budget?
  24. Show your favorite beauty products or essential beauty products you can’t live without.
  25. Show your makeup collection.
  26. Show your monthly favorites/obsessions.
  27. Show your most recent beauty empties.
  28. Show your readers a 5/10/15 minute makeup routine or do totally different makeup looks. The possibilities are endless here. You can show your makeup routine for every day, favorite classic makeup looks, quick and easy makeup routine, go-to makeup looks for going to work, etc. Don’t forget to list the products you’ve used.
  29. Skincare dictionary. If you are experienced in this area and want to share your knowledge with your readers, then a skincare dictionary post is a good idea to provide some value for your readers.
  30. Talk about cheap yet effective skin products.
  31. Talk about how much your “face” costs. What I mean by that is to list all the products you use, their price, and how much everything costs altogether.
  32. Talk about makeup products that are worth the splurge. Recommend only the products you have used yourself.
  33. Talk about new launches/brands. Check if they have affiliate programs.
  34. Talk about skincare routine and essentials to prevent anti-aging/blemishes aka skincare saviors.
  35. Talk about top low-end/high-end products.
  36. Talk about vegan beauty products.
  37. Teach your audience how to deal with breakouts/oily skin/acne. Show the products you use.
  38. Tell your readers how to color/cut your hair at home. Link the products you usually use.
  39. Traveling isn’t really possible right now, but you can always dream and talk about your favorite (travel-friendly) products you usually take with you when traveling.
  40. We all love saving money, don’t we? If there’s a possibility to buy something for cheaper, I will buy it cheaper. Show your favorite dupes and don’t forget to link to them.
  41. What are your favorite self-care tips that everyone should know about? What does your skincare routine look like? Spill your secrets.
  42. What are your makeup must-haves?
  43. What’s in your cosmetics/makeup bag? I always love looking for new products, so these posts are my favorite ones. Don’t forget to add links to the products you own/use.

Budgeting-related monetizable blog post ideas

  1. Find a cool Pinterest DIY project and try it out. Don’t forget to add links to everything you used.
  2. Hacks. Everybody loves hacks, whether it’s organization hacks/best life hacks/money-saving hacks/productivity hacks. Hacks help us save money and time.
  3. How do you manage your family finances? If you use a premium app/website or a budget planner to take care of your finances, don’t forget to link it.
  4. I love-love-love handmade and thoughtful gifts. Share your favorite DIY gift ideas and tutorials on how to make the most awesome DIY gifts.
  5. List your top favorite bargain stores. Check if they have an affiliate program.
  6. Share your favorite shopping tips while on a budget.
  7. Talk about ways to make extra money at home (blogging is one of them)! This seems to be quite a popular topic and you can find your own unique approach to it.
  8. Things that are worth splurging on. I know it’s not really a budgeting tip, but some things are worth wasting money on. Share these finds with your readers.
  9. We all know a few budgeting tips that no one else seems to know about. Spill your secrets about effective budgeting tips everyone needs to hear about.

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Ideas for health-related lifestyle blog post ideas

  1. Do you have a broad knowledge of taking care of your physical health? Share your secrets about which exercises to do depending on your body type.
  2. Exercises that you can do while sitting at your desk. For example, I know you can do exercises with rubber bands while sitting at a desk, so you can build your post around rubber bands, which seems to be a hot thing lately.
  3. How to make healthy changes in life? Discuss changes you have made and the impact they have made on your life.
  4. How to stay in shape without going to the gym, aka how to work out at home, and what equipment do you need for that?
  5. List your favorite sweat-proof workout clothes.
  6. Share your self-care tips about how to unwind and relax after a long day of work.
  7. Talk about your (home) gym essentials. You can list the products you use.
  8. Talk about your fitness journey.
  9. Talk about your morning/night/fitness routine. Maybe you are taking part in a fitness plan/subscription that has an affiliate program?
  10. Write a post about five ways to reduce stress/anxiety. If you use a product/service that works, make sure to share it.

Home-related ideas

  1. A lot of people live in rentals. Talk about how to decorate a rental without spending too much.
  2. Create a list post of the essentials for creating a comfy home.
  3. Discuss how to save money on home decor.
  4. Do a home/room tour and share it with your readers. Why did you choose the current decor in your home?
  5. Do a post about interior design trends that are popular right now.
  6. How to choose your home’s color scheme?
  7. How to get rid of clutter in your home? Share some of Marie Kondo’s organizing advice.
  8. How to make the most of a tiny room?
  9. How to renovate a house? What do you need for that?
  10. If you’re into DIY-ing, you can share some of your favorite DIY home decor projects.
  11. List things that are crucial for creating a pleasant working environment.
  12. Share your cleaning checklist and cleaning hacks for every room.
  13. Share your home decor wishlist.
  14. Share your ideas on how to decorate your nursery/living room/kitchen/office etc.
  15. Spill the secrets on how to make your room look brighter/bigger/comfier.
  16. Talk about home decor picks for the upcoming season.

Fun fashion blog post ideas

  1. Create a style inspiration board.
  2. Discuss how to transition from a day look to a night look.
  3. Discuss trends you love/dislike.
  4. Do a list post about styles for stay-at-home moms that are both comfortable and stylish/tips for a maternity wardrobe.
  5. Do an informative post about pieces of clothing that will never go out of style.
  6. Give fashion advice to plus-sized women. Which are the best stores that sell plus-sized clothes?
  7. Give your readers some shopping advice.
  8. How to save money on clothes? Which sites do you shop on while being on a budget?
  9. If you’re a fashionista, share your outfit of the day.
  10. Recreate an outfit that you’ve found on Pinterest.
  11. Share a haul or the opposite – your shopping wishlist.
  12. Share your TJ Maxx/Marshalls/eBay/Amazon/Ross/Costco/Aliexpress finds.
  13. Share your fashion icons and great outfits that they’ve worn (and list the things they’re wearing).
  14. Share your favorite clothing stores to shop at and your favorite garments from these stores. Most stores have an affiliate program you can participate in.
  15. Talk about indie brands that are worth checking out.
  16. Talk about ways to style something, whether it’s a little black dress or a denim miniskirt. The options are endless.
  17. Talk about your favorite items from the current season’s fashion/top trends you’re interested in.
  18. Tell your readers about what’s in your bag and don’t forget to list the things you own.
  19. What’s your go-to autumn look or go-to summer outfit?
  20. Which outfits to wear to a casual date/to a big event/to a job interview/to an office/to work?

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Everything that’s related to food

  1. Do a grocery store haul and show what’s on your weekly shopping list. As I mentioned in the beginning, every single thing you can think of is on Amazon, including food.
  2. Offer your blog readers helpful ways to plan their family’s weekly menu.
  3. Share recipes and make sure to list the ingredients or even kitchen gadgets you use while making these recipes. The options are endless. A lazy dinner recipe/a recent favorite recipe/favorite foolproof recipe/recipes for Christmas Day/recipes for a date night.
  4. Share your favorite healthy snacks/movie snacks/birthday party snacks/low-calorie snacks.
  5. Share your most-used kitchen hacks that save lots of time and money.
  6. Spill your secrets on how to save money on food/meal planning ideas on a budget.
  7. Sustainability should be the new normal. Every week, sometimes every day, we throw away tons and tons of food. Participate in a challenge and talk about how to make meals out of leftovers.
  8. Talk about the emergency foodstuff you always have in your cupboards.
  9. Talk about your favorite dishes, whether it’s favorite soups or desserts that you adore.
  10. Tips for hosting a small dinner party with friends (after COVID-19 is over because I wouldn’t recommend gatherings right now).
  11. What are your weekday go-to quick and easy meals? Share your weekly menu that’s suitable for everyone.

Tech/blogging-related lifestyle blog topics

  1. Create a product review.
  2. Create your first digital product.
  3. Describe your blogging process.
  4. Discuss challenges in blogging and how to overcome them.
  5. Do a blog post about blog resources that helped you.
  6. Do a list post about must-have tech gadgets for bloggers.
  7. Do a list post of your favorite subscription services.
  8. Do a walkthrough or tutorial of something.
  9. How do you deal with a hectic schedule?
  10. How do you make use of Pinterest to promote your blog? You can recommend Tailwind here.
  11. How to achieve work-life balance while running a blog?
  12. How to incorporate SEO into your blog posts?
  13. How to stay organized as a blogger?
  14. List tips for a successful blog.
  15. Multitasking and blogging = does it work and if yes, then how?
  16. Share the plugins that you use the most on WordPress.
  17. Share your secrets on how to stay away from distractions while blogging. If you use some products that help you stay away from distractions, list them. I, for example, use a kitchen timer for my Pomodoro technique.
  18. Share your top blogging tools that come in handy.
  19. Spill the secrets on tips for social media growth.
  20. Talk about apps you use every day/discuss what the best apps are for bloggers.
  21. Talk about how you take photos for your blog and what equipment you use for that.
  22. Talk about ways to monetize your blog.
  23. What are some of your favorite blogging ebooks or courses? Don’t be afraid to recommend them to your readers.
  24. What technological devices do you use?
  25. Which tools and resources to use to create awesome blogging graphics?
  26. Write a blog post listing the ways to grow your blog audience.
  27. Write a post about how to start a travel/beauty/fashion/food/lifestyle blog.

Travel-related lifestyle blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we’re not allowed to travel. Or at least, it’s not really recommended. Don’t worry if you can’t travel far. Sometimes the best places to travel to are the ones really close to us. Talk about the most awesome places to visit in your city.
  2. Do a list post of the best vacation spots for families/couples/singles.
  3. I once read someone’s post about 10 items she’d take to a deserted island. This is an interesting approach because it lets you be creative.
  4. If you travel a lot, you probably take a lot of photos. Share your impressions and opinions about the best cameras/drones/phones/tech gadgets for travel photography.
  5. Show the most travel-friendly suitcase and talk about suitcase packing suggestions.
  6. Tips for traveling aka travel hacks. How to make your traveling process more convenient? What do you need to bring with you on your trip, aka travel essentials?
  7. You can always talk about your favorite travel destinations or do a recommendation post about the greatest hotels/motels/apartments to stay at. Most bigger corporations have a referral program. For example, Airbnb used to have a referral program, but they closed it. Maybe it has to do with the current pandemic, and they might open their referral program soon. I think Uber and Lyft also have referral programs.

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Random lifestyle blog post ideas

  1. Are you a college student? Talk about items/services that are must-haves for new college students in your opinion.
  2. Are you a night owl or a morning person? Talk about your morning/night routine and products that help you ease your workflow.
  3. Create a mood board.
  4. Discuss what habits successful people have and the methods they use to be more successful.
  5. Do a book/movie/product review.
  6. Do a list post of your Etsy/Aliexpress/eBay/Amazon favorites.
  7. Do a post of top things that you’ll certainly need in your workplace.
  8. Do a roundup of perfect Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/birthday gifts or create wishlists.
  9. Give suggestions for decluttering your workspace.
  10. Give suggestions for home dates.
  11. If you’re successful in some area, talk about what’s the secret to your success.
  12. If you’re an iPhone owner and know your way around Apple products, give photography tips for iPhones.
  13. Most of us use a smartphone in our everyday life. Share the most useful productivity apps/websites/programs that you use and swear by. Some of them certainly have affiliate programs.
  14. Share awesome gift ideas for every occasion.
  15. Share useful life hacks you didn’t even realize you needed.
  16. Share your most recent bucket list or even a reverse bucket list.
  17. Share your music collection. I know nowadays you can listen to music basically for free, but it wouldn’t hurt you to support your local artists if possible, of course.
  18. Suggest different themes for children’s birthday parties and where to buy everything that’s necessary for such parties.
  19. Talk about bullet journaling. What do you do with your bullet journal? You can link to bullet journals here.
  20. Talk about things you can’t live without.
  21. Talk about your pets and don’t forget to list everything you use (whether it’s cat litter or clickers for dogs).
  22. Top favorite X. Again, the options are endless. You can talk about your top favorite plants, top favorite gluten-free snacks, or top favorite cute office supplies.
  23. What is it like being a single parent and raising children alone? What tips, tricks, and products do you use to make your life easier?
  24. Who is your spirit animal and why are you drawn to it? You can list products that are connected to this spirit animal. My spirit animal is an alpaca and I would do a collage of alpaca-related products I own/would really like to buy.
  25. What would you do with a million dollars? You can get really crazy here.
  26. Who doesn’t love planning? It’s one of the best ways to increase your productivity. Do a list post of best planners for different needs.
  27. Write about things you are grateful for.
  28. Write about your top favorite films of all time.

These were the best lifestyle blog post ideas that you can monetize

a pin for a blog post that talks about lifestyle blog post ideas

I hope you found my list of blog topics about life that make money helpful. Tell me in the comments below what you’ll write about next and make sure to leave your next blog post in the comments below so that I can read it.

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