5-minute self-care activities to try this year

by lauraconteuse.com

I will tell you about the best 5-minute self-care ideas


Whiten your teeth

This is among my favorite five-minute self-care activities. Crushed strawberries and baking soda are an easy teeth-whitening remedy. 


Brush your hair

Spray your favorite perfume on a comb and brush it through your curls for good-smelling hair. 


Read quotes

Reading quotes will boost your self-esteem, brighten your mood, provide inspiration, and help you deal with problems more effectively.



If you're looking for  5-minute self-care ideas, this is the best. Meditation can mean various things to different people.


Eat fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is delicious! It will provide your body with energy, which may be just what you need right now. 


Feet massage

You won't regret it if you Google  self-massage techniques. This is among the best 5-minute self-care activities, for sure.


Cuddle with a pet

Pets have been shown to reduce sadness, improve mood, and make you appreciate life more.


Use a diffuser

Good smells will lift your spirits, inspire you, and motivate you to continue with your day.

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