5-minute self-care ideas to try


Ideas for 5 minutes of self-care

Whiten your teeth Brush your hair Exfoliate with coffee grounds in the shower Apply apple cider vinegar to your skin Look up motivational quotes Meditate Try practicing positive affirmations Eat some fresh fruit Massage your feet

Ideas for five minutes of self-care

Just lay down for 5 minutes with no interruptions Cuddle with a pet Use a scalp massager Listen to an uplifting speech Use a diffuser to diffuse essential oils Treat yourself by buying something online Daydream Read positive news or stories Do some breathing exercises

Ways to practice 5-minute self-care

Write down everything you’re grateful for Do a nice stretch Empty your mind by creating a to-do list Call your friend or a family member Try coloring an adult coloring book Do some light journaling Prepare a quick snack Take a quick foot bath Do your manicure or pedicure

Short self-care activities

Sit outdoors and soak up some sunlight Do some organizing Read a few chapters from a good book Moisturize your cuticles and hands Create a hair-washing routine Turn your world around Create a hairstyle without using heat Exfoliate your lips Make your body glow

Quick self-care ideas

Drink something warm Do some ice-cold water therapy Play your favorite song that makes you happy Do some steaming Exfoliate your face Use your favorite fragrance Make your bed Do some eyelash therapy Apply a mask under your eyes Treat your nails

Five-minute self-care ideas

Refresh your face Sensory grounding exercise Creative expression Laugh break Drink a glass of water Write a love letter to yourself Arrange fresh flowers Do a quick yoga session or watch YouTube videos on yoga Take a quick shower and stay off social media





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