Ideas for your bucket list for your 20s

Bucket list ideas for your 20s

1. Learn a new language really well. 2. Write a long and exciting story.  3. Train hard and finish a really long race.  4. Travel alone to a new country.  5. Practice and get really good at playing a musical instrument. 6. Spend some time helping others.  7. Try making and tasting foods from different countries. 8. Go on a challenging hike through beautiful nature.

Bucket list ideas for your twenties

1. Start a small business and watch it grow. 2. Go scuba diving. 3. Take a surprise road trip.  4. Surf or try another water sport.  5. Attend a big music or arts festival.  6. Get fit by exercising regularly and making healthy choices.  7. Visit all the cool places in your country.  8. Float in a big hot air balloon in the sky for a fantastic view.

Bucket list for your twenties

1. Share your thoughts and adventures with the world by making blogs or videos. 2. Spend a whole month meditating every day to find inner peace. 3. Ride your bike a long distance to help a good cause. 4. Try your hand at creating art, like painting pictures. 5. Climb a big mountain, like Kilimanjaro. 6. Go to a conference like TED.  7. Get good at dancing.

Bucket list for your 20s

1. Master tough yoga poses to become more flexible and strong. 2. Reach a money goal, like buying a house. 3. Learn survival skills and spend time in the wilderness. 4. Get a taste of adventure by trying something thrilling, like skydiving. 5. Watch the amazing Northern Lights in the night sky, full of colorful lights. 6. Organize and host a successful event, like a party or fundraiser. 7. Go on a last-minute weekend trip.

Things to do in your 20s

1. Visit a new city. Go to a city you haven’t been to before. 2. Go on a road trip. Take a fun car trip with friends. 3. Plan a beach vacation. Relax at a sunny beach for a weekend. 4. Go on a camping adventure. Sleep outdoors and enjoy nature. 5. Explore beautiful natural parks. 6. Go on an island trip. Visit a nearby island with nice beaches. 7. Visit historical sites. See old and interesting places.

Things to do in your twenties

1. Try doing yoga every day for a whole month. 2. Challenge yourself to run a half marathon or a 10K race. 3. Make it a priority to get in shape and stay healthy. 4. Experiment with a plant-based diet for a month. 5. Dedicate time to mastering meditation techniques. 6. Learn mindfulness practices. 7. Take up rock climbing.

bucket list ideas for your 20s



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