Divine feminine affirmations


Affirmations for the divine feminine

1. I appreciate nature’s beauty and simple joys. 2. I am a dynamic powerful woman. 3. I attract positive relationships and love. 4. I trust I’m on the right path. 5. I express my powerful sensuality with freedom. 6. I use my creative energy to live a passionate and beautiful life. 7. I radiate inner peace and calmness. 8. I honor my intuition.

Affirmations for your divine feminine goddess

1. I am a unique expression of femininity. 2. I honor the power of my third-eye chakra, root chakra, and heart chakra. 3. I am a manifesting force. 4. I use my high vibration and loving relationship with myself to create my dream life. 5. I am a healer, bringing peace and love to myself and others. 6. I connect with my sensuality and inner power. 7. I embrace my emotions and let them flow freely.

Divine feminine energy affirmations

1. I am always learning and growing in wisdom. 2. I am a light of hope in the darkness. 3. I am aligned with my soul’s purpose. 4. I’m grateful for the blessings and abundance in my life. 5. I embrace my sensual energy and allow it to guide me. 6. I am surrounded by positive energy and loving relationships. 7. I am connected to Mother Earth and all of its natural beauty.

Affirmations for divine feminine energy

1. I am a creative divine creator. 2. I am a healer, like the goddesses of transformation. 3. I am joyful and playful, like goddesses of celebration. 4. I protect what is sacred and just, like the goddesses of justice. 5. I am supported by divine energy. 6. I have loving relationships and connections. 7. I am at peace with myself and the world.

Women’s empowerment affirmations

1. I embrace my own power and confidently express my true self, like courageous goddesses. 2. I honor the goddess within and around me. 3. I am strong and powerful, like ancient goddesses. 4. I trust my intuition and my inner goddess’s guidance. 5. I deserve abundance and prosperity, like the goddesses of wealth. 6. I am beautiful and radiate divine beauty.

Goddess affirmations

1. I honor my divine goddess energy. 2. My inner goddess guides me towards what’s best for me. 3. I am connected to the divine feminine energy within me. 4. I trust the ancient wisdom and guidance of the goddess. 5. I radiate a beautiful gold colour that is an expression of feminine energy. 6. I am a vessel of divine love and compassion, like ancient goddesses.





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