Fun lists to make when bored

Ideas for lists to make

1. List of your favorite podcasts 2. List your favorite blogs 3. List your favorite memories 4. List your favorite affirmations 5. List your favorite breakfasts 6. List your favorite ways to exercise 7. List your favorite dinners 8. List your favorite apps 9. List your favorite smells, sights,  sounds, feels, and tastes 10. List your favorite holiday traditions

List ideas for boredom

1. List the nicest things people have done for you 2. List ways you can save more time 3. Make a master list of the things you’re good at 4. List all the qualities you like about yourself the most 5. List gift ideas for gifts you’d like to receive 6. Create a list of how you’d like to turn your life around 7. List gifts you’d like to give to other people

Cool lists to make for fun

1. List the celebrities you’d like to meet 2. List the ways you can make your significant other feel special 3. List your future children’s names 4. List date night ideas 5. Make a list of the ways to improve communication in your relationships 6. List the people you’d like to remove from your life 7. Make a list of things you love about your loved ones 8. List goals for your relationship

New lists to make for fun

1. Create a ta-da list (things you’ve done) 2. List some really good self-care goals 3. List things you have to constantly stop worrying about 4. List all the countries/cities/towns you want to visit 5. Create a list/a plan for your next vacation 6. List TV series to watch 7 Make a list of lists to make (he-he) 8. List the hobbies you’d like to try


of lists



to see


to make for fun