How to be a better friend

Reach out to your friends

It’s as simple as sending a quick text, giving them a call, or even dropping a friendly message on social media.

Appreciate them

Tell them just how much you cherish all those fantastic moments you’ve had together and all the memories you’ve created over the years.

Be a good listener

It’s not just hearing their words; it’s about understanding how they feel deep down.

Celebrate them

When your friends achieve something incredible, like getting a promotion, reaching a personal goal, or even just a small win, let your excitement shine!

Don't bring up mistakes

When your friends make mistakes, whether they’re big or small slip-ups, it’s important to find it in your heart to forgive and move forward.

Be there for your friends

When your friends are facing tough challenges, like a breakup, a loss, or a health struggle, that’s when your support means the world to them.



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