241 Good Questions to Ask Yourself for Self-Discovery

by lauraconteuse.com

I'll tell you all about the best self-discovery questions



1. Do I tend to judge others? 2. Can I be a better listener? 3. Do I value what others do for me? 4. Have I been the friend I want to be?



1. Do I make sincere compliments to others? 2. Do I give out love, and do I get it back? 3. Am I willing to work hard for a relationship?



1. If people do things I think are wrong, do I get angry? 2. Who do I love? Have I told them or shown it to them recently? 3. Do I take the time to really listen to what others are saying?



1. Do I have relationships that I would like to improve or develop? 2. Am I aware of the purpose for which I want a relationship in my life?



1. Do I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my children or loved ones? 2. Do I think that I will achieve what I have been striving for in my relationship?



1. Who do I want to meet? 2. Am I committed to myself? 3. Do I tend to hate others? 4. Who inspires me the most? 5. Who loves me? Who cares about me?

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