Self-care weekend ideas

Ideas for weekend of self-care

1. Try skydiving. 2. Make your own playlist. 3. Take a leisurely walk in nature. 4. Take a nap. 5. Create your own short film. 8. Create a relaxing atmosphere. 7. Play a board game on your own. 8. Take a bike ride. 9. Write a short story.  10. Come up with a bedtime routine.

Weekend self-care ideas

1. Do a digital detox. 2. Visit an infrared sauna. 3. Make your own spa night at home.  4. Schedule time for journaling. 5. Draw or paint. 6. Take up a new skill or hobby. 7. Try a virtual escape room. 8. Reflect on your life. 9. Experience float therapy. 10. Enjoy your favorite comfort food.

Self-care Saturday ideas

1. Organize and clean. 2. Spend time with family members. 3. Put on some comfortable clothing. 4. Solve a puzzle. 5. Go on a road trip. 6. Participate in a virtual event. 7. Listen to some new music. 8. Take a long, hot bubble bath. 9. Visit a nearby farmer’s market. 10. Attend a sound therapy session,

Self-care Sunday ideas

1. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. 2. Paint a picture. 3. Practice mindfulness. 4. Enjoy a movie night. 5. Unplug from technology. 6. Visit a forest. 7. Attend an art therapy session. 8. Try Reiki. 9. Visit a nearby town for the day. 10. Engage in mindful breathing.





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