Self-love journal prompts

Self-love journal prompts

1. Take a quiz to find out what your love language is. Make a list of your love language and examples of how you express and accept love. 2. Make a list of three things you can do to reduce your stress. 3. What is my biggest fear? 4. Make a list of the positive changes you’ve made in the last five years. 5. Write about something that gives you a sense of luck. 6. I practice self-love by…. 7. How has journaling helped me thus far?

Self-love journaling prompts

1. Make five promises to yourself and write them down. 2. Write yourself an unconditional love letter. 3. Describe the most thoughtful thing you’ve ever done for someone. 4. What is preventing me from experiencing complete happiness? How am I supposed to let that go? 5. Who or what most inspires me? 6. What are the three most memorable experiences I’ve had? 7. Describe yourself in one word.

Self-love journal ideas

1. What can I do to love myself more? This is one of my favorite deep journal prompts for self-love. 2. My top five values are… 3. Give yourself five genuine compliments. 4. List three things you have control over and three things you don’t. 5. Make a list of all your current emotions—what comes to mind first? 6. Write about a time when you were proud of yourself. 7. How do I handle negative self-talk or negative thoughts?

Journal ideas about self-love

1. What three words best describe my personality? 2. What emotions do I want to experience? 3. Why do I think I deserve to be happy? 4. What is my most cherished memory? 5. What does self-care entail for me? What aspects of self-care do I need to work on? 6. What is my favorite physical characteristic about myself? 7. I’m thankful for my body for…

Ideas for self-love journaling

1. Make a list of positive self-love affirmations for yourself. 2. When was the last time I failed at something? What did I learn? 3. What are my biggest strengths? 4. Describe a brave moment in your life. 5. What are three aspects of my life for which I am eternally grateful? 6. How does dating affect me? How do I feel when I’m alone? 7. What are some positive affirmations I can say to myself every day?

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