The best autumn bucket list ideas to try this season


I'll tell you about the best autumn to do list


Plan a virtual game night

To get started with your fall to do list, host a virtual gaming night to connect with distant friends and family.


Host a cozy book club

Choose books that capture the spirit of autumn and discuss them with your book club mates over hot drinks and snacks.


Create a gratitude jar

If you're looking for good fall self-care ideas, start a gratitude jar to celebrate the season of thanksgiving.


Have a relaxing spa night

Pamper yourself with fall-scented lotions, bath salts, and candles for a spa night. This is among the best fall bucket list ideas.


Have a cozy reading day

Choose a peaceful spot,  grab your favorite fall-themed novel, and unwind with a nice cup of tea.


Try an online cooking class

If you're looking for good autumn self-care ideas, enroll in an online cooking class that focuses on producing delightful fall foods.

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