Beautiful ways to make someone smile


I'll tell you about how to make someone smile


Compliment their outfit

When you see your friend or someone you care about wearing something nice, just tell them!


Send a handwritten letter

If you're looking for ways to make someone smile, write a heartfelt letter or a card to let someone know how much they mean to you.


Cook their favorite meal

Cook up a meal you know they love and invite them over or deliver it to their place.


Plan a surprise picnic

Pack some sandwiches, snacks, and maybe even their favorite dessert. This is among my favorite ways to make someone smile.


Offer to babysit for a friend

If you know a friend needs a break, offering to watch their kids for a while can be a huge help.


Give a heartfelt, unexpected hug

Sometimes, all it takes is a warm, sincere hug to bring a smile to someone’s face. Hugs convey love and care without words.


Share a funny meme

We all love a good laugh! To make them smile, send them a funny meme or GIF that you think will tickle their funny bone.


Send a bouquet of wildflowers

This is the last thing in this list of ways to make someone smile. You don’t always need fancy roses. Wildflowers are just as lovely.

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