120 Useless Things to Get Rid of Now With No Regret

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120 useless items to get rid of for a less cluttered home

I’m going to share some invaluable insights on decluttering your home and life by looking for useless things to get rid of.

You know, as someone who’s been on this wonderful journey of personal growth, I’ve come to realize that there’s incredible power in simplifying and letting go of certain things.

It’s like making space for positivity and growth to bloom.

Have you ever found yourself amidst a whirlwind of clutter, both in your physical surroundings and within your thoughts?

I certainly have, and that’s why I’m here—to guide you through the process of bidding farewell to those unnecessary burdens.

Let me now introduce you to useless items to get rid of today from your life.

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Things you can get rid of for a tidier kitchen and pantry

1. Expired food

Check for expired items lurking in your pantry and fridge. It’s amazing how quickly they accumulate.

2. Single-use kitchen gadgets

Those fancy gadgets that you rarely use? It’s time to let them go and make space for the essentials.

3. Mismatched containers

If you have lids without containers, or vice versa, it’s time to part ways with the mismatched pairs.

4. Duplicate utensils

Having three can openers and five spatulas might be excessive. Keep your favorites and donate the extras.

5. Chipped or cracked dishes

Cracked plates and chipped mugs not only clutter your cabinets but can also be unsafe.

6. Unused cookbooks

Be honest, are you really going to try that recipe from that cookbook you’ve had for years? If not, pass it on.

7. Plastic grocery bags

Accumulating these can create a mess. Invest in reusable bags and recycle the extras.

8. Old spices

Spices lose their flavor over time. Check the dates and toss the ones that have seen better days.

9. Outdated kitchen towels

You can replace worn-out kitchen towels with fresh ones for a tidier look.

10. Unused appliances

If you haven’t used that ice cream maker in years, it’s probably time to free up some counter space.


11. Unused coffee mugs

Keep the ones you love and use daily, and say goodbye to the ones collecting dust.

12. Unnecessary plasticware

Those extra takeout containers that are overflowing? Reduce and recycle them.

13. Excessive glassware

The same goes for wine glasses, tumblers, and stemware. Keep what you truly need.

14. Expired canned goods

Check the expiration dates on canned goods and non-perishables in your pantry. If any have expired or are nearing their expiration date, it’s time to clear them out and make space for fresh items.

15. Expired condiments

Check your fridge for expired sauces and condiments hiding in the back.

16. Broken appliances

That toaster that no longer toasts, or the blender with a malfunctioning blade? It’s time to say farewell.

17. Unused baking pans

If you haven’t baked in ages, consider donating those pans that are just taking up space.

18. Unwanted party supplies

If you have leftover party supplies like disposable plates, cups, or decorations from events long past, it’s time to free up space by either using them for upcoming gatherings or donating them to a local organization.

19. Worn-out oven mitts and pot holders

Replace oven mitts and pot holders that are stained or have seen better days with fresh ones for a tidier and safer kitchen.

20. Excess cookware

Pots and pans that you never use can be donated to make room for what you actually cook with.


Things to get rid of for a less cluttered bedroom and closet

1. Worn-out shoes

Replace or throw away shoes with holes or worn-out soles.

2. Clothes that don’t fit

Holding onto clothes that no longer fit can clutter your closet and mind. Pass them on.

3. Unworn clothes

For me, that’s one of the most important things to get rid of. If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, it’s time to let it go.

4. Outdated fashion

Say goodbye to clothes that are no longer your style or are out of fashion.

5. Old bedding

Replace worn-out or mismatched bedding for a cleaner, cozier bedroom.

6. Broken hangers

Ditch those mismatched or broken hangers and invest in quality ones that match.

7. Excessive accessories

Pare down jewelry, scarves, and belts to the essentials you love.

8. Unused handbags

Handbags you haven’t used in ages can find new homes with someone who’ll appreciate them.

9. Excess pillows and cushions

Keep the ones you actually use and donate the extras.

10. Dusty decor

Decorative items collecting dust? Simplify your space by letting go of a few.

things to get rid of

11. Expired makeup

Old makeup products can be unhealthy and clutter up your vanity.

12. Excessive bedside books

Keep the books you plan to read soon and pass on the ones you’ve already read or won’t get to.

13. Old electronics

Recycle or donate unused gadgets and chargers.

14. Unwanted gifts

If you have gifts you’ll never use, it’s okay to let them go.

15. Random cables

Those mystery cables that you’re not sure what they’re for? Time to declutter.

16. Unused exercise equipment

If that treadmill has become a clothes rack, consider selling or donating it.

17. Excessive hand-me-downs

Keep the heirlooms and sentimental items, but let go of the clutter.

18. Extra bed linens

How many sets of sheets do you really need? Keep a couple, and donate the rest.

19. Unused suitcases

Replace old, battered suitcases with newer, more functional ones.

20. Excessive laundry baskets

Keep one or two, and donate any extras you don’t use.

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Things to declutter in the living room

1. Old magazines and newspapers

Stacks of old periodicals can make your living room look messy.

2. Unused or broken electronics

Recycle old gadgets and electronics that are no longer in use.

3. Dusty decor

Decorative items collecting dust? Simplify your living space by letting go of a few.

4. Outdated media

Donate or sell VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs that you no longer use.

5. Excessive throw pillows

Keep the pillows you love and use regularly, and donate the rest.

6. Unused board games and puzzles

If you haven’t played them in years, consider passing them on.

7. Unused or broken furniture

Remove furniture that no longer serves a purpose or is broken.

8. Worn-out rugs

Replace worn-out or stained rugs to refresh your living space.

9. Excessive cables and cords

Keep the ones you actually use and label them for easy identification.

10. Old remote controls

If you have remote controls for devices you no longer own, recycle them.

11. Broken or unwanted decorative items

Give away decor items that no longer fit your style or are damaged.

12. Unused exercise equipment

If your living room has become a makeshift gym with equipment you never use, consider donating or selling it.

13. Excessive throws and blankets

Keep a few cozy throws and donate the ones you don’t use.

14. Old or unread books

Pass on books you’ve already read or don’t plan to read to free up shelf space.

15. Unused pet toys

If you have pet toys scattered around your living room that your furry friend hasn’t shown interest in for a while, it might be time to declutter and donate them to an animal shelter.

Things to get rid of for a tidier office space

1. Old papers

Sort through your paperwork and shred or recycle what’s no longer needed.

2. Dried-up office supplies

Pens that have run out of ink and dried-up markers can go.

3. Unused office gadgets

If you haven’t used that desk gadget in ages, it’s time to clear your workspace.

4. Excessive office decor

Keep the decor items that inspire you, and declutter the rest.

5. Obsolete electronics

Old computers, monitors, and peripherals can be recycled responsibly.

6. Outdated manuals

Toss away manuals for gadgets you no longer own.

7. Unused or duplicate cables

Keep the cables you use regularly and declutter the extras.

8. Broken office chairs or furniture

Replace or repair furniture that’s no longer comfortable or functional.

9. Excessive stationery

Keep a few notepads and sticky notes on hand, and donate the rest.

10. Unused office organizers

If your desk organizers are collecting dust, simplify your setup.

11. Obsolete software

Uninstall outdated or unused software from your computer.

12. Outdated business cards

Update your business card collection and recycle old ones.

13. Unused office supplies

This is also one of the most important things to get rid of. Declutter excess office supplies like binders, folders, and staplers.

14. Expired calendars and planners

Outdated planners and calendars can make your workspace look cluttered.

15. Unused desk accessories

Keep the accessories that serve a purpose on your desk, and let go of the rest.

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lots of clutter

Things you can get rid of for a cleaner bathroom

1. Expired medications

Safely dispose of medications that are past their expiration date.

2. Nearly empty toiletries

Use up or combine nearly empty shampoo bottles and other toiletries.

3. Unused beauty products

If you haven’t used that skincare product in months, it’s probably time to toss it.

4. Expired makeup

Makeup products have a shelf life; toss the ones that are past their prime.

5. Old towels

Replace worn-out or stained towels with fresh, fluffy ones.

6. Unused or broken hair accessories

Hair ties, clips, and accessories that you no longer use should go.

7. Empty or near-empty cleaning supplies

Use up cleaning supplies or combine them for efficiency.

8. Dried-up nail polish

Nail polish that’s thickened or separated is no longer usable.

9. Unused or expired sunscreen

Sunscreen has an expiration date. Make sure you’re using safe products.

10. Excessive bath mats

Keep a couple of bath mats and donate the extra ones.

11. Outdated magazines and reading materials

Old magazines and reading materials can clutter your bathroom.

12. Unused or empty soap dispensers

Refill or recycle empty soap dispensers to declutter your sink area.

13. Broken or unwanted bathroom accessories

Replace or remove broken or unloved bathroom accessories.

14. Unused or expired first aid supplies

Check your first aid kit for expired items and replace them as needed.

15. Unneeded personal care items

If you have personal care items you no longer use, consider donating them.

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Decor items to get rid of for a less cluttered home

1. Dusty silk flowers

Silk flowers that collect dust can be replaced with fresh, low-maintenance plants.

2. Unused candle holders

If you never light those candles, it might be time to part with the holders.

3. Excessive throw blankets

Keep a few cozy throws and donate the ones you don’t use.

4. Dated wall art

Replace or donate art that no longer suits your style.

5. Old and worn-out rugs

Replace worn-out or stained rugs to refresh your living space.

6. Broken or chipped decor

Throw away decor items that are damaged or chipped.

7. Mismatched curtains

Replace mismatched or outdated curtains for a cohesive look.

8. Unused vases

If your collection of vases is growing dust, pare it down to your favorites.

9. Excessive knick-knacks

Keep the knick-knacks that hold sentimental value and declutter the rest.

10. Outdated photo frames

Replace old frames with fresh ones for your cherished photos.

11. Unused decorative pillows

Keep the pillows that complement your decor and donate the rest.

12. Dusty decorative bowls

Get rid of decorative bowls that collect dust.

13. Excessive throw rugs

Keep a couple of throw rugs and donate the extra ones.

14. Unused figurines

This is also among the most important things to get rid of, for sure. Pass on figurines that no longer fit your style.

15. Out-of-season decor

Store or donate seasonal decor items that you no longer use.

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Things to get rid of in the garage, attic, and basement

1. Old bicycles

You can donate or sell bikes that you no longer use.

2. Unused sports equipment

Find new homes for sporting gear that hasn’t seen action in years.

3. Broken tools

Discard tools that are beyond repair to make room for functional ones.

4. Expired paint

Old cans of paint that have seen better days should be disposed of properly.

5. Unneeded gardening supplies

Declutter your gardening tools and supplies to keep the essentials.

6. Unused camping gear

If you’re not using that camping equipment, consider selling or donating it.

7. Outgrown children’s toys

Kids grow up, and their toys should move on to new homes.

8. Excess holiday decor

Keep the holiday decorations you love and donate the rest.

9. Unneeded car accessories

If you have car accessories like old floor mats, car covers, or bike racks that you no longer use, consider decluttering to create more space for essential items.

10. Old electronics

Recycle or donate unused gadgets and chargers.

11. Worn-out furniture

Remove furniture that’s no longer functional or comfortable.

12. Obsolete appliances

Recycle old appliances that no longer work or are energy-inefficient.

13. Excess lumber and building materials

Keep what you’ll actually use for future projects, and discard the rest.

14. Outdated electronics manuals

Many of us keep paper manuals for electronics long after we’ve discarded the devices. Consider recycling or digitizing these manuals to clear out space.

15. Broken outdoor furniture

Repair or discard damaged outdoor furniture.

16. Old textbooks and study materials

If you have textbooks and study materials from courses you completed years ago, it might be time to let them go. Donate or sell them to clear up valuable space.

17. Outgrown clothing

Pass on or donate clothing that no longer fits.

18. Unused paint supplies

Keep what you’ll use for future touch-ups and declutter the rest.

19. Empty boxes

We often keep empty boxes from electronics or appliances “just in case.” However, they can take up a lot of space. Recycle the boxes you no longer need.

20. Old magazines and catalogs

Keep only the ones with articles or information you intend to reference, and recycle the rest to create a tidier space.

a pin that says in a large font items to get rid of
a pin that says in a large font things to get rid of

FAQ: How do I start decluttering?

Pick your starting point

To kickstart your decluttering adventure, choose a specific area within your home that you want to tackle first.

It could be your bedroom, the kitchen pantry, or even your workspace. Choosing one area helps prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Gather your supplies

Before you start, make sure you have some essential supplies on hand.

Grab some trash bags for items you’ll toss, storage bins or boxes for things you want to keep but need a new home, and labels to help you stay organized.

Set a timer

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re decluttering, so set a timer for about 15–30 minutes. This short burst of focused effort is not only manageable but also prevents burnout.

Sort with purpose

As you go through your chosen area, start sorting your belongings into three piles: keep, donate, and toss.

Ask yourself whether you’ve used or appreciated an item in the last year. If not, it might be time to say goodbye.

Handle sentimental items carefully

Sentimental items can be the most challenging to declutter. While it’s important to keep the ones that truly hold meaning for you, try to limit their number.

Choose the most special ones, and consider letting go of others to free up space and reduce clutter.

Organize what’s left

Once you’ve streamlined your belongings, it’s time to organize what you’ve decided to keep. Use storage solutions like bins, shelves, or hooks to keep things neat and accessible.

Continue the journey

The beauty of decluttering is that it’s an ongoing process. After you’ve successfully decluttered one area, move on to the next one.

Gradually, you’ll work your way through your entire living space.

Maintain your progress

To prevent clutter from creeping back in, establish a routine for maintaining your organized spaces. Regularly check and declutter as needed to keep things clutter-free.

Celebrate small victories

Finally, remember to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Each decluttered space is a step toward a simpler, more peaceful home and life.

What items are on your list of things to get rid of this year?

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