115 Bucket List Ideas for Winter to Enjoy the Season

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115 awesome winter bucket list ideas you must try

Winter is such a cool season, and guess what? I’ve got some super cool bucket list ideas for winter that can totally make this season extra special.

I’m talking about fun stuff, exciting challenges, and a bit of soul-soothing experience. So, grab your hot cocoa, snuggle up, and let’s dive into this wonderful winter adventure together!

Why should I come up with my own bucket list ideas for winter?

So, coming up with your own winter bucket list is like making a fun list of awesome things you want to do during the chilly season.

It’s all about you

Your winter bucket list is like a special snowflake, unique to you! You can pick the stuff you love, making your winter extra amazing.

Trying new stuff

When you make your list, you’re trying things you might not have done before. It’s like adding sprinkles to your winter adventure!

Learning and growing

Trying new things helps you learn and grow. It’s like leveling up in a video game, but in real life!

Making memories

Your custom-made winter bucket list is like a scrapbook of memories waiting to happen. You’ll have cool stories to share later.

Staying active

Instead of just staying indoors, your bucket list gets you out and moving. It’s a fun way to beat the winter blues.

How do I come up with my own bucket list ideas for winter?

Think about what you love

Imagine the things that make you super excited during the winter. Is it building snow forts, having cozy movie nights, or maybe ice skating? Write down anything that makes you smile.

Try something new

Winter is a great time to try things you’ve never done before. Think about activities like baking cookies from scratch, trying a new winter sport, or making a snowman family.

Ask friends and family

Your loved ones might have cool bucket list ideas for winter. Ask them what they like to do during the winter, and you might discover something awesome.

Look around

Check out what’s happening in your town during the winter. Maybe there’s a winter festival, a cool art class, or even a storytelling event. These could be fantastic bucket-list items.

Set goals

Think about things you want to achieve during the winter. It could be reading a certain number of books, learning a craft, or even making a special gift for someone.

Keep it doable

Make sure your winter bucket list has things you can actually do. I want your winter to be fun, not stressful!

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60 indoor winter activities for your winter bucket list

Build a cozy blanket fort

Gather cozy blankets and pillows to create a snug hideaway. Have your own winter fortress where you can read, relax, or have a chat with friends.

Have a hot cocoa taste test with different toppings

Get creative with marshmallows, whipped cream, cinnamon, or even a dash of peppermint. It’s a delicious winter experiment to find your perfect hot cocoa combo.

Host a themed movie night with friends

Pick your favorite winter movies or choose a theme, like classic holiday films. Gather with friends, bring some popcorn, and enjoy a cozy movie night together.

Try your hand at DIY winter crafts

Get crafty with simple winter projects like making paper snowflakes, creating winter-themed ornaments, or even crafting your own cozy winter candle holders.

Bake and decorate winter-themed cookies

Make your kitchen a winter wonderland by baking cookies shaped like snowflakes, mittens, or snowmen. Decorating them with colorful icing is half the fun!

Create a winter photo album

Gather your favorite winter photos and create a special album to look back on all the snowy memories. Make a time capsule of winter moments.

Try a new recipe and cook a winter feast

Experiment with cooking a hearty winter dish, like a comforting stew or a delicious roast. It’s a tasty way to warm up your taste buds.

Set up an indoor scavenger hunt

Create a list of items to find around the house. It’s like a secret mission to find treasures, and it’s a great way to have some indoor excitement.

Have a karaoke party

Sing your heart out with friends or family. It’s not about being perfect; It’s about having a blast and sharing some memorable moments.

Learn to play a musical instrument

Have you always wanted to play the guitar, piano, or maybe the ukulele? Now’s the time! Learning an instrument can bring joy to your winter days.

Paint winter landscapes

Even if you’re not a professional artist, painting winter scenes is a lovely way to express your creativity. Imagine a peaceful snowy landscape on your canvas.

Write and illustrate your winter story

Let your imagination run wild and create your own winter tale. Draw pictures to go with it and share them with friends or family.

Indoor mini-golf

Turn your home into a mini-golf course with household items. Have your own golf adventure indoors.

Start a winter journal

Write about your winter experiences and thoughts, or simply jot down little moments that make your winter special. It’s a wonderful way to capture this time of year. Here are the best winter journal prompts to keep you inspired.

Have a DIY spa day with homemade masks and relaxation

Treat yourself to a spa day at home. Use homemade face masks, have a warm self-care bath, and just relax. You deserve it!

a diy home spa

Host a winter-themed book club

Choose a book that’s perfect for winter reading and discuss it with friends. Have your own cozy book club.

Learn to knit or crochet

With some yarn and needles, you can create scarves, hats, or even cute winter decorations. It’s a rewarding hobby that keeps your hands busy and your heart warm.

Have an indoor picnic

Spread out a blanket, pack your favorite snacks, and have an indoor picnic. It’s a lovely way to enjoy a meal and change up the routine.

Create a winter-themed scrapbook

Collect winter pictures, postcards, and little mementos and put them all together in a scrapbook. Create a visual diary of your winter adventures.

Build a snow globe

Get creative with a small glass jar, water, glitter, and a little winter figurine. Shake it, and you’ve got your very own winter wonderland in a jar.

Try indoor rock climbing

Visit an indoor climbing gym for a fun and active winter adventure. Climbing is not only exciting but also a great workout!

Learn a new dance style

Find online dance tutorials and learn a new dance style in the comfort of your home. Dancing is a fantastic way to stay active and express yourself.

Start a winter gardening project with indoor plants

Brighten up your space with indoor plants. They’re easy to care for, and you’ll enjoy having some greenery during the winter.

Create a winter-themed vision board

Gather magazines, pictures, and quotes that represent your winter goals and dreams. It’s a visual reminder of what you want to achieve during the season.

Learn calligraphy or hand-lettering

Practice beautiful handwriting or calligraphy. You can create winter-themed cards or simply enjoy the meditative process. Here’s the best calligraphy workbook that’s also really affordable.

Host a cozy tea party

Invite friends over for a cozy tea party. Set out a variety of teas and some delicious treats, and enjoy a relaxing time together.

Write and perform a winter play or skit

Get creative and write a short winter-themed play or skit. Perform it with friends or family for some entertaining winter fun.

Have a DIY home decoration project

Spruce up your living space with a DIY winter decoration. It could be a wreath, a centerpiece, or something unique you create.

Try a winter-themed escape room game

If you have access to an escape room or even an online version, gather friends and solve winter-themed puzzles to “escape.”

Learn magic tricks

Amaze your friends and family with some simple magic tricks. It’s a fun way to bring a little wonder to the winter days.

Create a winter-themed playlist and have a dance party

Compile a list of your favorite winter tunes, hit play, and have a dance party at home. It’s a fantastic way to lift your spirits and stay active.

Try indoor ice skating

Look for indoor ice skating rinks in your area. Enjoy gliding on the ice, even if it’s not outdoors.

Host a themed art night with friends

Choose a winter-themed art project, gather your friends, and create together. It’s like a mini-art class right at home.

Learn to make homemade soap or bath bombs

Discover the art of making soap or bath bombs. You’ll enjoy the process and the relaxing baths afterward. Here’s my favorite soap-making kit for adults.

Start a winter workout routine at home

Keep active during the winter by setting up a simple workout routine at home. There are plenty of online resources to help you get started.

Try indoor archery or target shooting

Go to an indoor target shooting range. It’s a good way to practice precision.

Have a DIY fashion show with friends

Get creative with your wardrobe and have a fashion show with friends. It’s all about having fun with style.

Learn to make homemade lip balm

Create your own lip balm with natural ingredients. It’s a practical and enjoyable DIY project.

Create winter-themed greeting cards

Design your own winter-themed greeting cards. You can send them to friends or family, adding a personal touch to your winter greetings.

Host a game night with board games and card games

Gather your favorite board games and card games, invite friends or family, and have a cozy game night.

Learn to make homemade lotion

Try your hand at making homemade lotion. You can customize it with your favorite scents and ingredients.

Create a winter-themed puzzle or crossword

Design your own winter puzzle or crossword. Challenge your friends or family to solve it.

Learn to make a homemade room spray

Make your space smell amazing with homemade room spray. Choose winter-inspired scents like cinnamon or pine.

Host a trivia night with fun winter-themed questions

Prepare a list of trivia questions related to winter, from fun facts to winter traditions.

Try a winter-themed coloring book

Coloring isn’t just for kids! Find a winter-themed coloring book and enjoy some relaxing creative time.

coloring pens

Learn to make homemade candles

Delve into the world of candle-making. Creating your own candles with winter scents can be very satisfying. Here’s my favorite soy candle-making kit.

Try indoor trampoline jumping

If you have a trampoline or access to an indoor trampoline park, jump around for some indoor winter exercise.

Build a gingerbread house

Get into the holiday spirit by building a gingerbread house. You can even have a friendly competition with friends or family.

Try indoor mini-bowling

Set up a mini-bowling alley at home using soft balls and empty plastic bottles. It’s a fun twist on classic bowling.

Learn winter origami

Discover the art of paper folding with winter-themed origami. It’s a calming and creative indoor activity.

Host a winter-themed pajama party

Invite friends over for a cozy pajama party. Watch movies, play games, and enjoy winter-themed snacks.

Have a DIY winter science experiment day

Try simple winter-themed science experiments at home. You can learn about the science behind snowflakes or create your own frost.

Try winter yoga or meditation

Embrace the tranquility of winter with yoga or meditation. It’s a wonderful way to find inner peace during the colder months.

Host a storytelling night

Share winter tales, whether they’re spooky ghost stories or heartwarming winter adventures. It’s a lovely way to spend a winter evening.

Create a winter-themed photo booth

Set up a backdrop with winter decorations and take fun photos with friends. Have your own mini winter photo shoot.

Write and exchange winter postcards

Design your own winter postcards and exchange them with friends or family. It’s a delightful way to spread some winter cheer.

Try the indoor paper plane flying contest

Make paper planes and see whose plane can fly the farthest or do the coolest tricks. It’s a simple and enjoyable competition.

Create a winter memory jar

Write down your favorite winter memories on small pieces of paper and add them to a jar. It’s a heartwarming way to remember the special moments.

Try winter-themed bingo

Create bingo cards with winter-related images or terms and have a bingo game. It’s a fun indoor winter activity for all ages.

Try indoor stargazing

If you can’t go outside to stargaze, bring the stars inside! Use a constellation projector to create a cozy indoor stargazing experience.

55 outdoor winter activities for your winter bucket list

Go ice skating at an outdoor rink

Glide on the ice at an outdoor rink, feeling the cold air rush past. It’s like dancing on frozen water, and you can do twirls or just enjoy a leisurely skate.

Build a snowman

Create a friendly snow companion by rolling snowballs and stacking them up. Decorate it with a carrot nose and whatever else you like! It’s like making a new snowy friend.

Have a snowball fight

Gather friends or family and playfully toss snowballs at each other. Be sure to build snow forts for cover—it’s like a winter battle with laughter and lots of snow.

Go sledding on a nearby hill

Grab a sled and race down a snowy hill. Feel the thrill of the wind on your face and the excitement of the ride.

Go winter hiking and explore the snowy trails

Bundle up and hit the snowy trails. It’s a peaceful winter adventure, with the beauty of nature all around you.

Try cross-country skiing

Put on skis and glide across snowy landscapes. It’s like walking on snow, but even more fun!

Go snowboarding

If you’re into snow sports, snowboarding is like surfing on snow. Slide down the hills and feel the rush of the ride.

Have a winter picnic in the snow

Pack some warm food, find a beautiful snowy spot, and enjoy a picnic. Have a cozy meal in a winter wonderland.

Try ice fishing on a frozen lake

With proper gear and safety measures, you can ice fish. It’s like fishing, but on ice!

Build an igloo or snow fort

Use the snow to build a shelter. Have your own little winter hideaway.

Go winter bird-watching

Observe winter birds in their habitats. Meet new feathery friends and learn about different bird species.

Visit a winter farmers’ market

Explore a market with winter goodies like warm beverages and seasonal treats. It’s a great way to experience local winter flavors.

Have a winter photography session outdoors

Capture the beauty of winter landscapes with your camera. Preserve the magic of winter in pictures.

Try winter geocaching

Go on a treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find hidden caches. It’s like a winter adventure, searching for hidden surprises.

Roast marshmallows

Have a cozy moment by a fire, roasting huge marshmallows to perfection. Enjoy a tasty, warm treat on a chilly day.

roasted marshmallows

Go on a winter nature walk

Stroll through snowy trails and observe winter’s natural beauty. It’s a peaceful way to connect with nature.

Try snow tubing

Slide down hills on inflatable tubes for a thrilling winter ride. It’s like sledding, but with a twist!

Have a snow sculpture contest

Get creative and see who can build the best snow sculpture. Turn snow into art!

Try snowkiting

Combine snowboarding or skiing with kite-flying for an exhilarating winter sport. It’s like being pulled by the wind over snowy terrain.

Go on a horse-drawn sleigh ride

Experience the enchantment of winter with a sleigh ride. It’s like a fairytale journey through the snow.

Try winter camping (with proper gear)

If you’re well prepared, camping in the winter can be an incredible adventure. Sleep in a snow-covered wonderland.

Go on a winter wildlife-watching adventure

Observe local wildlife in their winter habitats. Get to know the animals that thrive in the cold.

Take a scenic winter drive

Drive through snowy landscapes, enjoying the beauty of winter from the comfort of your car. It’s a relaxing way to appreciate the season.

Try ice climbing (with proper equipment and training)

If you’re an experienced climber, ice climbing can be a thrilling winter challenge. It’s like climbing frozen waterfalls.

Go on a winter astronomy night and stargaze

Bundle up, look up at the sky, and admire the winter stars. It’s like a private winter show of celestial beauty.

Go horseback riding in the snow

If available, enjoy a horseback riding adventure through snowy trails. It’s a unique way to experience winter’s magic.

Try dog sledding

If available in your area, go dog sledding for a winter adventure led by energetic and adorable dogs.

Go on a winter horse-drawn carriage ride

Experience the romance of winter with a carriage ride. It’s like a cozy and nostalgic winter journey.

Try snowmobiling

With proper training and equipment, snowmobiling can be a thrilling way to explore snowy landscapes. It’s like a winter ride with a motor.

Have a winter scavenger hunt outdoors

Create a list of winter-themed items to find while exploring the outdoors. It’s like a winter treasure hunt.

Try ice sailing (with proper equipment and training)

If you’re near frozen lakes, ice sailing can be a unique winter activity.

Go on a winter bird-watching excursion

Instead of going alone, join a bird-watching group to spot winter birds. It’s like a mini-expedition to discover feathery friends.

Try fat biking on snow-covered trails

Fat bikes are specially designed for snowy terrain. It’s like mountain biking, but in a winter wonderland.

Try winter orienteering

Put your navigation skills to the test in the winter wilderness. It’s like a snowy outdoor puzzle.

Have a winter bonfire with storytelling

Gather around a bonfire, share stories, and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Create winter memories with stories.

Try snowshoeing at night with headlamps

Explore snowy trails with snowshoes and headlamps. It’s like a nighttime winter adventure.

Try winter kite flying

Fly kites designed for winter winds and enjoy the colorful sight against the snowy backdrop.

Try winter mountaineering (with proper gear and training)

For experienced climbers, winter mountaineering offers challenging and rewarding ascents in snowy conditions.

Go on a winter wildlife tracking adventure

Learn to identify animal tracks in the snow. Become a winter nature detective.

a snowy winter wonderland

Go on a winter tree identification walk

Learn to identify trees even in their winter form. Explore the unique features of winter trees.

Have a winter fitness challenge with outdoor activities

Create a fitness challenge that involves winter activities like hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing. It’s a healthy and fun way to stay active.

Try winter disc golf on snow-covered courses

Play disc golf on snowy courses designed for winter play. It’s like frisbee meets winter adventure.

Try winter beachcombing for unique treasures

Explore a winter beach and search for special shells or interesting items brought by winter waves.

Go on a winter fossil-hunting adventure

If you’re near fossil-rich areas, explore the winter landscape in search of ancient treasures.

Have a winter nature journaling session

Bring a journal and sketch the winter scenes or jot down your thoughts. Capture the beauty of winter in words and drawings.

Go on a winter plant identification walk

Learn to identify plants even when they’re dormant in the winter. Uncover the secrets of winter Flora.

Have a winter wildlife photography outing

Bring your camera and capture the beauty of winter wildlife. Create your own winter wildlife photo album.

Try ice kayaking (With proper equipment and training)

If you’re an experienced kayaker, ice kayaking can be an exhilarating winter adventure on frozen waters.

Try winter stargazing

On a clear winter night, gaze at the stars and maybe even spot a planet or two. Connect with the vastness of the universe.

Have a snowball target practice

Set up targets in the snow and practice your snowball-throwing skills. It’s a fun winter game of accuracy.

Have a winter outdoor art session

Bring your art supplies outdoors and paint or sketch the winter scenes. Capture nature’s beauty on your canvas.

Try winter bird feeding

Set up bird feeders with seeds, and watch winter birds visit your feeders. Invite a winter feathered parade to your backyard.

Have a snow tic-tac-toe tournament

Draw a tic-tac-toe grid in the snow and use sticks or stones as markers. Play a few rounds and see who wins.

Have a frozen bubble experiment

On a very cold day, blow soap bubbles and watch them freeze in the air.

Try ice sculpture carving

If you have access to ice blocks and the proper tools, try your hand at ice sculpture. Create simple and beautiful winter designs.

Will you try any of these bucket list ideas for winter?

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