120 Bucket List Ideas for Spring: Things to Do in the Spring

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120 fun spring bucket list ideas that you must try

If you’re here to see bucket list ideas for spring, keep reading! Isn’t it amazing how spring has this magical way of breathing life back into everything?

As the days get longer and the air turns warmer, it feels like the world is waking up from a long winter nap.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always filled with a sense of excitement and possibility when spring rolls around.

So, I thought, what better time than now to create a springtime bucket list?

A list filled with spring activities and experiences that not only make our days more memorable but also help us grow and blossom, just like the flowers in our gardens.

I’ve gathered a bunch of fantastic ideas for us to explore together. From simple pleasures to exciting adventures, there’s something for everyone.

As we go through these bucket list ideas for spring, think of them as more than just things to do; they’re opportunities for us to connect with ourselves, nature, and each other in meaningful ways.

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40 fun indoor spring activities

1. Indoor gardening

Bring a touch of spring indoors by growing plants.

Consider easy-to-care-for houseplants or herbs on your windowsill. Gardening can be therapeutic, and it’s a great way to connect with nature, even when you’re inside.

2. Spring cleaning

Dedicate some time to declutter and refresh your living space.

Open the windows, let in the fresh air, and give your home a thorough clean. It’s a wonderful way to start the season with a clean slate.

3. DIY spring crafts

Get creative with spring-themed crafts. Try making colorful paper flowers, decorating Easter eggs, or crafting wreaths with faux flowers. These crafts can add a cheerful touch to your home.

4. Cook spring recipes

Explore the flavors of spring by cooking dishes with seasonal ingredients like asparagus, strawberries, and fresh herbs.

Besides, cooking together with loved ones can be a delightful bonding experience.

5. Home spa day

Treat yourself to a spa day at home. Run a warm self-care bath, use your favorite skincare products, and unwind with soothing music. It’s a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate.

6. Spring cleaning dance party

Make cleaning more fun by turning up the music and having a dance party while you tidy up. It’s a fantastic way to stay motivated.

7. Indoor picnic

Lay out a blanket and enjoy a picnic indoors. Prepare your favorite picnic snacks and sandwiches, and enjoy your meal in a cozy setting.

8. Spring-themed movie marathon

Watch a series of movies with a springtime theme. Think movies featuring flowers, nature, or stories of new beginnings. It’s a good way to unwind.

9. Baking session

Try your hand at baking spring-inspired treats. Bake cookies or cupcakes with pastel colors and floral designs to capture the essence of the season.

10. Read spring books

Explore books that celebrate spring. Look for stories about gardens, adventures in nature, or books with a renewal theme. Reading can transport you to the magic of spring.

spring book

11. Plant an herb garden

Grow your own herbs indoors. You’ll have fresh herbs for cooking and a mini garden that brings a touch of green to your home.

12. Springtime home decor

Refresh your living space with spring decor. Add pastel-colored throw pillows, floral arrangements, and spring-themed wall art to brighten up your home.

13. Painting or drawing

Get your creative juices flowing by painting or drawing spring scenes. Whether it’s flowers in bloom or a sunny landscape, expressing yourself through art can be therapeutic.

14. Spring cleaning scavenger hunt

Make cleaning more exciting by turning it into a game. Create a list of tasks for family members to complete, and see who can finish them first.

15. Springtime puzzle challenge

Work on jigsaw puzzles featuring spring scenes like blooming flowers, gardens, or animals. It’s a relaxing and rewarding indoor activity.

16. Nature-inspired art

Gather natural materials like leaves, petals, and sticks to create art. Use them to make collages, pressed flower art, or nature-inspired sculptures.

17. Virtual museum tours

Explore art and history from the comfort of your home by taking virtual museum tours. Many museums offer online experiences that allow you to appreciate art and culture.

18. Cook a spring-themed dinner

Plan a special dinner with dishes that highlight the flavors of spring. Think fresh salads, grilled vegetables, and fruity desserts.

19. Indoor mini golf

Set up a mini golf course in your living room. You can also use household items as obstacles. It’s a fun and active indoor game.

20. Indoor campout

Build a fort with blankets and pillows, then gather around for indoor camping. Share stories, have a mini bonfire (with battery-operated candles), and enjoy s’mores.

spring vibes

21. Springtime science experiments

Try simple science experiments with a spring twist. Grow crystals, make a volcano, or explore the life cycle of butterflies.

22. Home yoga or meditation

Practice yoga or meditation at home to stay relaxed and centered. There are plenty of online resources to guide you through sessions tailored for beginners.

23. Family game night

Dust off your board games or card games and have a family game night. It’s a great way to bond and have some friendly competition.

24. Indoor treasure hunt

Create clues and hide treasures around your home. It’s a thrilling activity for kids and a creative challenge for adults.

25. Learn a new skill

Use this indoor time to learn something new. Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, painting, or coding, there are countless online resources to help you get started.

26. Springtime poetry writing

Express your feelings about spring by writing poems. Capture the beauty of the season in your own words.

27. Virtual spring garden tours

Explore famous gardens from around the world through virtual tours. It’s like taking a stroll through lush gardens from your own home.

28. DIY terrariums

Create your own mini ecosystems in glass containers. Terrariums are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance.

29. Home movie theater

Transform your living room into a movie theater. Make popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy a cinematic experience with your favorite films.

30. Spring cleaning fashion show

While cleaning out your closet, have a fashion show with your old clothes. Mix and match outfits for some fashion fun.

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31. Virtual art classes

Take online art classes to learn new techniques and improve your artistic skills. It’s a great way to channel your creativity.

32. Springtime science fiction reading

Read science fiction books set in springtime or with themes of renewal. It’s an imaginative way to explore the season.

33. Indoor balloon volleyball

Set up a game of indoor volleyball using a balloon as the ball. It’s a fun and active indoor sport.

34. Springtime music playlist

Create a playlist filled with your favorite spring songs. Play it in the background while you go about your indoor activities.

35. Create a vision board

This is among my favorite bucket list ideas for spring. Use magazines, images, and words to create a vision board that represents your goals and dreams for the season.

36. Learn springtime recipes

Take online cooking classes to master new spring recipes and culinary techniques.

37. Indoor plant care workshop

Learn how to care for your houseplants. Discover the right watering schedule, lighting, and maintenance tips.

38. Online language lessons

Start learning a new language or brush up on your language skills with online language lessons.

39. Virtual springtime concerts

Enjoy live music from the comfort of your home by attending virtual concerts and music events.

40. Storytelling night

Gather your family or friends for storytelling night. Share personal stories and childhood memories, or even make up your own tales.

spring aesthetic

40 fun outdoor spring activities

1. Picnic in the park

Pack your favorite sandwiches, snacks, and a cozy blanket. Find a scenic spot in the park to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature. Don’t forget a frisbee or a book for after the meal!

2. Hiking in a nature reserve

Lace up your hiking boots and explore the beauty of nature. Nature reserves often have well-marked trails, so it’s a nice way to breathe in the fresh air and spot wildlife.

3. Planting a garden

Spring is the perfect time to start your garden. Whether it’s flowers, vegetables, or herbs, digging in the soil can be therapeutic and rewarding.

4. Birdwatching

Grab a pair of good binoculars and a bird guidebook. Find a quiet spot and observe the various bird species that return during spring. You might even want to set up a bird feeder in your yard.

5. Bike riding

Dust off your bicycle and go for a ride. Explore your neighborhood or find a scenic bike trail to enjoy the mild spring weather and get some exercise.

6. Camping in the wilderness

For the adventurous spirit, camping in the great outdoors is a must. Set up a tent, roast marshmallows over a campfire, and sleep under the stars.

7. Spring photography scavenger hunt

Create a list of spring-themed items or scenes to photograph. It’s a creative way to capture the essence of the season.

a woman doing photography

8. Kayaking or canoeing

If you’re near a river or lake, kayaking or canoeing can be a serene and exciting adventure. Paddle at your own pace and take in the beautiful surroundings.

9. Fishing by a calm lake

Grab your fishing gear and spend a peaceful day by the lake. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, fishing can be relaxing and enjoyable.

10. Flying a kite

Let your inner child soar by flying a colorful kite in an open field or on the beach. It’s a simple yet joyful activity.

11. Exploring botanical gardens

Visit a local botanical garden to marvel at the diverse plant life and vibrant spring blooms. It’s an educational and visually stunning experience.

12. Outdoor yoga or Tai Chi

Take your yoga or Tai Chi practice outdoors. Find a quiet spot in a park or garden to center yourself while surrounded by nature.

13. Nature trail scavenger hunt

Create a list of natural items to find along a nature trail. It’s a fun and educational activity for both kids and adults.

14. Geocaching adventure

Join the treasure hunt craze by geocaching. Use GPS coordinates to find hidden caches and explore new places.

15. Visiting a local farm or zoo

Spend a day at a local farm or zoo to connect with animals and learn about agriculture.

16. Playing frisbee or disc golf

Grab a frisbee or a disc golf set and challenge your friends or family to a game. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to stay active.

17. Rock climbing

For the more adventurous, try rock climbing at an outdoor climbing site. Safety comes first, though, so consider taking a beginner’s class if you’re new to climbing.

18. Horseback riding

Saddle up and go horseback riding through scenic trails. It’s a unique way to experience the outdoors and connect with these magnificent animals.

19. Stargazing and camping under the stars

Combine camping with stargazing for an unforgettable experience. Away from city lights, you’ll have a clear view of the night sky.

20. Having a bonfire or cookout

This is one of the coolest bucket list ideas for spring. Gather friends and family for a bonfire or cookout. Roast marshmallows, grill burgers, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

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21. Outdoor movie night

Set up a screen and projector in your backyard or a local park. Invite friends for an outdoor movie night under the stars.

22. Rollerblading or skateboarding

Dust off your rollerblades or skateboard and hit the pavement. Skate through your neighborhood or try out a nearby skate park.

23. Mini-golf with friends

Visit a mini-golf course and challenge your friends to a friendly competition. It’s a lighthearted and entertaining outdoor activity.

24. Volunteering for a community cleanup

Give back to your community by participating in a cleanup event. It’s a simple way to make a positive impact on your surroundings.

25. Building a treehouse or fort

Get creative by building a treehouse or fort in your backyard. It’s a hands-on project that can be enjoyed for years.

26. Joining a sports league

Spring is the perfect time to join a local sports league. Whether it’s soccer, softball, or ultimate frisbee, it’s a great way to stay active and socialize.

27. Gardening at a community garden

If you don’t have your own garden, consider joining a community garden. It’s a wonderful way to grow your own produce and connect with fellow gardeners.

28. Horseback riding through scenic trails

Enjoy the beauty of nature from horseback. Many areas offer guided trail rides that cater to riders of all experience levels.

29. Paddleboarding on a calm river

If you’re near a river, try paddleboarding. It’s a peaceful and scenic way to explore the waterways.

30. Canopy ziplining adventure

For thrill-seekers, consider a canopy ziplining adventure. Soar through the treetops and experience the rush of adrenaline.

a woman ziplining

31. Taking a scenic drive in the countryside

Go for a leisurely drive through the countryside. Explore scenic routes and enjoy the picturesque views.

32. Going on a hot air balloon ride

Experience the world from above by taking a hot air balloon ride. It’s a serene and breathtaking way to enjoy the landscape.

33. Visiting a butterfly sanctuary

Visit a butterfly sanctuary or conservatory to witness these beautiful creatures up close. It’s a serene and educational outing.

34. Participating in a charity run or walk

Many charity runs and walks take place during the spring. Join one that supports a cause you’re passionate about and get active for a good cause.

35. Sailing on a serene lake

If you’re near a lake, consider sailing. Enjoy the calmness of the water and the gentle breeze as you sail along.

36. Trying your hand at archery

Find an archery range or club and learn the art of archery. It’s a skill that requires focus and precision.

37. Outdoor art and craft sessions

Get creative outdoors. Paint, draw, or engage in other artistic activities while surrounded by nature for inspiration.

38. Exploring a new city by foot

Take a day trip to a nearby city and explore it on foot. Wander through the streets, discover hidden gems, and soak in the city’s atmosphere.

39. Kicking off a photography project

Use your camera or smartphone to start a spring photography project. Capture the beauty of the season through your lens.

40. Going on a springtime road trip

Plan a road trip to explore new places and soak in the beauty of spring landscapes along the way. It’s an adventure waiting to happen.

a map for a roadtrip

20 spring bucket list ideas for families

1. Family picnic in the park

Pack a delicious picnic basket with sandwiches, snacks, and your favorite treats. Find a cozy spot in the park, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a meal together in the great outdoors.

Don’t forget to bring games or a frisbee for extra fun!

2. Nature hike and scavenger hunt

Choose a scenic trail in a nearby nature reserve and embark on a family hike.

Make it interactive by creating a scavenger hunt list of things to spot along the way, like unique rocks, colorful flowers, or bird species.

3. Plant a family garden

Get your hands dirty and plant a garden together. Whether it’s a flower garden, a vegetable patch, or an herb garden, working on it as a family can be both educational and rewarding.

4. Visit a petting zoo or farm

Take a day trip to a petting zoo or farm. Kids will love interacting with friendly animals like goats, sheep, and chickens. It’s an opportunity to learn about farm life too.

5. Springtime arts and crafts day

Set up a creative space outdoors with art supplies like colored pencils, paper, and paints. Let your imaginations run wild as you create spring-themed masterpieces.

6. Have a family movie night outdoors

Transform your backyard into an outdoor movie theater. Hang a white sheet, set up a projector, and enjoy a family movie night under the stars. Don’t forget comfy blankets and popcorn!

7. Fly kites together

Spring is the perfect time for kite flying. Head to a nearby open field or beach and let colorful kites soar high into the sky. It’s a simple but delightful activity for all ages.

8. Take a family bike ride

Dust off your bicycles and go for a family bike ride. Explore your neighborhood, bike trails, or scenic routes. It’s a great way to get exercise and enjoy the spring weather.

9. Family camping adventure

Plan a family camping trip. Whether you’re in your backyard or a nearby campsite, camping is an opportunity to bond, tell stories around the campfire, and gaze at the stars.

10. Go on a family fishing trip

If you have a nearby lake or river, try your hand at fishing as a family. Teach kids the basics of casting and reeling in, and enjoy the calmness of nature.

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lots of fishing boats

11. Explore a nearby nature reserve

Discover the wonders of nature by exploring a local nature reserve. Look for trails suitable for families and bring binoculars for birdwatching.

12. Family game night in the garden

Bring your favorite board games or card games outdoors. Enjoy a game night under the open sky with snacks and laughter.

13. Plan a family BBQ or cookout

Fire up the grill and have a family BBQ or cookout. Grill burgers, hot dogs, and veggies, and enjoy a meal together in your backyard.

14. Stargazing and storytelling around a bonfire

On a clear night, gather around a bonfire and share stories. Try to identify constellations and make up your own stories about the stars.

15. Organize a family photo day

Grab your cameras or smartphones and have a family photo day. Explore your local area and capture beautiful moments and scenery.

16. Visit an amusement park or fair

Plan a day of excitement at an amusement park or local fair. Enjoy rides, games, and delicious fair food as a family.

17. Plan a family day at the beach

Spend a day at the beach building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and soaking up the sun. Don’t forget sunscreen, beach toys, and a picnic lunch.

18. Try a family yoga or meditation session

Practice mindfulness and relaxation as a family with outdoor yoga or meditation sessions. Find a peaceful spot in your garden or a nearby park.

19. Volunteer together for a local charity

Give back to your community by volunteering together for a local charity. Whether it’s a cleanup project or helping at a food bank, it’s a meaningful way to spend time together.

20. Create a family scrapbook of spring memories

This is among the cutest bucket list ideas for spring. Document your spring adventures by creating a family scrapbook.

Collect photos, mementos, and artwork to preserve your special moments.

a scrapbook on a bed

20 spring cleaning ideas for your bucket list

1. Declutter and organize your entire home

Start your spring cleaning journey by decluttering. Go room by room, sorting items into keep, donate, or discard piles. Once the clutter is minimized, organize what’s left neatly.

2. Deep clean the carpets and rugs

Give your carpets and rugs some TLC. Rent a carpet cleaner or hire professionals to deep clean. It’ll remove dirt and allergens and leave your floors looking fresh.

3. Clean and sanitize kitchen appliances

Tackle kitchen appliances inside and out. Clean the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Don’t forget smaller appliances like the toaster and coffee maker.

4. Wash windows and curtains

Brighten your home by washing windows and curtains. Use a glass cleaner for windows and follow care labels for washing curtains.

5. Empty and clean out the garage or shed

Spring is ideal for garage and shed cleaning. Sort through tools, equipment, and stored items. Dispose of what’s no longer needed and organize the rest.

6. Scrub and disinfect bathroom surfaces

Deep clean your bathroom. Scrub tiles, tubs, sinks, and toilets. Pay attention to corners and grout lines. Disinfect high-touch areas like faucet handles.

7. Polish and dust all furniture

Give your furniture a good dusting. Use appropriate cleaners and polishes for different surfaces, including wood, glass, and upholstery.

8. Clean out the attic or basement

Declutter storage spaces like the attic or basement. Review the items stored there and organize them for easier access.

9. Wash and wax your car

Don’t forget your car! Wash the exterior, wax for a protective shine, and clean the interior, including carpets and seats.

10. Reorganize and declutter your closet

Spring is perfect for a wardrobe refresh. Sort through clothing, shoes, and accessories. Donate or discard items you no longer wear.

a closet

11. Clean out and organize your pantry

Bring order to your pantry by checking expiration dates, discarding expired items, and organizing shelves for easy access.

12. Scrub and disinfect trash cans

Don’t overlook trash cans. Empty and clean them thoroughly to eliminate odors and prevent bacteria buildup.

13. Clean and reseal outdoor furniture

Get ready for outdoor living by cleaning and resealing your outdoor furniture. It’ll protect against weather damage.

14. Wash and disinfect kids’ toys

Keep playtime safe and hygienic by washing and disinfecting toys. Check the labels for cleaning instructions.

15. Organize and clean the home office

With more people working from home, a clean and organized home office is crucial. Declutter your workspace and clean your computer, keyboard, and mouse.

16. Sort through and clean your bookshelves

Dusty bookshelves can be a haven for allergens. Remove books, dust, and organize your collection.

17. Refresh and clean outdoor living spaces

Prepare outdoor areas for spring gatherings. Sweep patios, clean outdoor cushions, and arrange outdoor decor.

18. Clean and sanitize your pet’s belongings

Ensure your furry friends have clean and safe spaces. Wash pet bedding, clean food and water dishes, and disinfect litter boxes or outdoor areas.

19. Clean out and reorganize the fridge

Empty your fridge, toss expired items, and clean shelves and drawers. Consider reorganizing to make meal preparation easier.

20. Freshen up the entryway and front porch

First impressions matter. Sweep the entryway, clean the doormat, and add potted plants or decor to welcome spring guests.

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a pin that says in a large font bucket list ideas for spring
a pin that says in a large font spring bucket list ideas

Spring bucket list ideas FAQ

Why should I come up with my own spring bucket list?

You might be wondering, “Why bother making my own spring bucket list when there are plenty of bucket list ideas for spring out there?” Well, let me tell you why it’s a fantastic idea.

First off, creating your own list is like crafting a roadmap for your personal growth and happiness. It’s unique to you, tailored to your interests, and reflects what makes you truly happy.

Imagine having a spring season that’s not just good but amazing because you filled it with things that light up your heart.

Another cool thing about making your list is that it’s a bit like setting goals. You see, when we have clear goals, we’re more motivated and excited to do things.

It’s like having a target to aim for. Besides, checking off items from your own list gives you a sense of accomplishment, no matter how big or small the tasks are.

But here’s the best part: making your spring bucket list can be a form of self-discovery. It helps you learn more about yourself, what you enjoy, and what brings you joy.

Sometimes, we surprise ourselves with how much we love doing something we never thought of before.

And let’s not forget, it’s super fun to brainstorm and dream up your spring adventures. It’s like being a kid again, daydreaming about all the cool stuff you want to do.

It adds a touch of excitement and anticipation to the season.

spring flowers

How do I come up with my own bucket list ideas for spring?

Reflect on what makes you happy

Think about the things that bring a smile to your face and make your heart skip a beat. Do you love spending time outdoors?

Are you a fan of creative activities? Do you enjoy helping others? Start by jotting down what makes you happy.

Consider your interests

What are your hobbies and interests? Maybe you adore gardening, hiking, or trying new recipes.

Your spring bucket list should be filled with things you genuinely enjoy doing. So, make a list of your hobbies and interests.

Explore new adventures

Spring is the perfect time to try something new. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the chance to do?

It could be as simple as learning to play a musical instrument or as exciting as going on a hot-air balloon ride. Think about the new adventures you’d like to embark on.

Connect with nature

Spring is all about nature coming back to life. Consider activities that allow you to connect with the beauty of the season.

Maybe a picnic in the park, birdwatching, or simply taking long walks in blooming gardens.

Set achievable goals

While dreaming big is great, make sure your bucket list is doable. Setting realistic goals ensures you can actually achieve them.

Start with small steps, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

Include self-care

Don’t forget to add some self-care activities to your list. Spring is an excellent time to refresh and rejuvenate.

Think about activities like meditation, spa days at home, or simply dedicating time to relax with a good book.

Involve friends and family

Consider including activities that you can do with loved ones. Spring is a wonderful time to bond with friends and family.

Whether it’s a weekend hike, a game night, or a family BBQ, shared experiences create lasting memories.

Stay open to surprises

Sometimes, the best experiences are the ones we stumble upon unexpectedly. Leave some room on your list for spontaneous adventures and surprises.

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What are your must-do bucket list ideas for spring?

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