The Ultimate Bucket List for Your 20s | 120 Exciting Ideas

120 awesome bucket list ideas for your 20s

It’s time to create a bucket list for your 20s! So, you’re in your 20s, right?

They’re like this wild rollercoaster of life stuff—full of chances to grow, have a blast, and find out who you really are. It’s basically your time to shine, chase those dreams, and make some epic memories.

Now, just so you know, I’m no guru or anything, but I’ve totally been through my fair share of ups and downs in my 20s.

So, I’m here to share some cool thoughts and ideas that might make your 20s even more awesome.

Imagine this: you, cozy with your go-to drink, are about to dive into the ultimate bucket list for your 20s. I’ve got all sorts of cool stuff on there to make these years unforgettable.

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30 before 30 bucket list ideas

  1. Learn a new language really well. Spend time each day learning a new language until you can speak it fluently.
  2. Write a long and exciting story or project that shows off your creative side.
  3. Train hard and finish a really long race, like a marathon.
  4. Travel alone to a new country. Go explore a new country all by yourself to discover new things and become more independent.
  5. Practice and get really good at playing a musical instrument so you can make awesome music.
  6. Spend some time helping others or supporting a cause that matters to you.
  7. Try making and tasting foods from different countries to enjoy lots of yummy flavors.
  8. Go on a challenging hike through beautiful nature, like the Appalachian Trail.
  9. Start a small business and watch it grow.
  10. Go scuba diving. Dive into the ocean and explore the underwater world.
  11. Take a surprise road trip. Hit the road with friends without any plans and see where the adventure takes you.
  12. Surf or try another water sport. Learn to ride the waves or try other water sports like paddleboarding.
  13. Attend a big music or arts festival. Have a blast at a huge music or arts festival, enjoying music, art, and culture.
  14. Get fit by exercising regularly and making healthy choices. This is one of the most useful things to add to the bucket list for your 20s.
  15. Visit all the cool places in your country. Travel around your country to see all the awesome places it has to offer.
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  1. Float in a big hot-air balloon in the sky for a fantastic view.
  2. Share your thoughts and adventures with the world by making blogs or videos.
  3. Spend a whole month meditating every day to find inner peace.
  4. Ride your bike a long distance to help a good cause.
  5. Try your hand at creating art, like painting pictures.
  6. Climb a big mountain, like Kilimanjaro.
  7. Go to a smart conference, like TED. Attend a conference where you learn cool and smart stuff.
  8. Get good at dancing by learning a new style of dance.
  9. Master tough yoga poses to become more flexible and strong.
  10. Reach a money goal, like buying a house.
  11. Learn survival skills and spend time in the wilderness, relying on your resourcefulness.
  12. Get a taste of adventure by trying something thrilling, like skydiving.
  13. Watch the amazing Northern Lights in the night sky, full of colorful lights.
  14. Organize and host a successful event, like a party or fundraiser.
  15. Go on a last-minute weekend trip. Pack your bags quickly and take off for a weekend trip to somewhere new and exciting.
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15 travel bucket list ideas

  1. Visit a new city. Go to a city you haven’t been to before.
  2. Go on a road trip. Take a fun car trip with friends.
  3. Plan a beach vacation. Relax at a sunny beach for a weekend.
  4. Go on a camping adventure. Sleep outdoors and enjoy nature.
  5. Explore beautiful natural parks.
  6. Go on an island trip. Visit a nearby island with nice beaches.
  7. Visit historical sites. See old and interesting places.
  8. Book a weekend cabin. Stay in a cozy cabin in nature.
  9. Have a food adventure. Try yummy local foods in a new place.
  10. Plan some festival fun. Go to a music or cultural festival.
  11. Go backpacking. Travel on a tight budget to many places.
  12. Do some volunteer traveling. Help others while you travel.
  13. Plan a hostel stay. Stay in a social, budget-friendly place.
  14. Do some nature day trips. Explore waterfalls, caves, and forests nearby.
  15. Go on a small-town visit. Spend a weekend in a charming little town.
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27 physical and mental health-related bucket list ideas for your twenties

  1. Try doing yoga every day for a whole month.
  2. Challenge yourself to run a half-marathon or a 10K race.
  3. Make it a priority to get in shape and stay healthy.
  4. Experiment with a plant-based diet for a month.
  5. Dedicate time to mastering meditation techniques.
  6. Learn mindfulness practices to stay present and focused on the moment.
  7. Take up rock climbing.
  8. Push your limits by participating in a mud race.
  9. Explore alternative therapies like acupuncture or herbal remedies.
  10. Commit to a detox or cleanse program.
  11. Camp alone in nature.
  12. Experience sensory deprivation by floating in a sensory tank.
  13. Learn how to manage stress effectively.
  14. Take up martial arts to improve your physical fitness.
  15. Incorporate daily stretching into your routine.
  16. Face a fear with the help of a supportive friend, therapist, or group.
  17. Try something daring, like skydiving or bungee jumping, to conquer your fears.
  18. Focus on improving your sleep quality. This is one of the best things to add to your bucket list for your 20s.
  19. Get involved in activities that raise awareness about mental health.
  20. Practice deep breathing exercises regularly to reduce stress.
  21. Learn to stand-up paddleboard.
  22. Join a fitness class or group to stay motivated.
  23. Relax and rejuvenate on a wellness trip.
  24. Share laughter and positivity.
  25. Cook nutritious and healthy meals at home.
  26. Take up journaling.
  27. Prioritize self-care in your daily life.

22 entertainment bucket list ideas

  1. Watch your favorite music group perform in person at a concert.
  2. Go to a Broadway show to enjoy a big and impressive musical.
  3. Be in a TV show’s audience. Sit in the audience of a TV show and see how it’s made.
  4. Join a street performance. Take part in a public performance on the street, showcasing your talent.
  5. Practice juggling or magic tricks, and impress your friends with your skills.
  6. Go to a film festival.
  7. See comedians make people laugh in a live comedy performance.
  8. Try improv or stand-up comedy. Give comedy a shot by making up funny stuff on the spot or doing stand-up.
  9. Learn to dance or become part of a fun dance group.
  10. Attend a major sports game or event to cheer for your favorite team.
  11. Visit a famous movie studio. Go to a place where they make movies and see how it all works.
  12. Dress up at a convention. Put on a costume and join a gathering of people who love the same things you do.
  13. Try photography as a hobby.
  14. Join a book club.
  15. Act in a local play. Get on stage and play a role in a local theater production.
  16. Host themed movie nights.
  17. Learn a new game. Try out a new game and enjoy playing with friends or family.
  18. Start a podcast or YouTube channel. Create your own online show or video series to share your interests.
  19. Create a local play. Write and put on a play with people in your community.
  20. Experience VR gaming. Play video games in a virtual reality world using special goggles.
  21. Go to a gaming convention.
  22. Create your own podcasts or videos to share stories, ideas, or fun stuff with others.
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10 relationship bucket list ideas for your 20s

  1. Take a surprise trip with your partner. Plan a surprise vacation together and keep the destination a secret until the last moment.
  2. Write love letters. Express your feelings by writing heartfelt letters to each other, filled with love and appreciation.
  3. Renew vows in a special place. Reaffirm your commitment and love for each other in a unique and meaningful setting.
  4. Pick up a new hobby as a couple to share fun experiences and learn together.
  5. Double date with friends. Spend time with another couple to enjoy social outings and create lasting memories.
  6. Make a memory scrapbook. Collect mementos and create a special book filled with memories of your time together.
  7. Get relationship advice. Seek guidance and wisdom from trusted sources to nurture and improve your relationship.
  8. Give back to your community by volunteering together for a cause you both care about.
  9. Cook something new together. Experiment in the kitchen by preparing and enjoying a new and exciting dish together.
  10. Plan a surprise for your partner. Delight your partner with a thoughtful and unexpected surprise to show your love and appreciation.
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16 job and career-related bucket list ideas

  1. Get a job promotion. Work hard to move up and get a better position at your job.
  2. Start a small side business on the side while you keep your regular job.
  3. Attend a work conference. Go to a meeting where people in your field talk about their work and ideas.
  4. Be a mentor. Help and guide someone newer or less experienced in your field.
  5. Write a workbook. Create a book to help people learn about something you know well.
  6. Learn new skills. Get better at what you do by learning new things that are important for your job.
  7. Be in charge of an important job or task at work.
  8. Make friends with people who are really good at what they do in your field.
  9. Finish a degree. Complete all your classes and tests to get a diploma or certificate.
  10. Team up on a project.
  11. Launch a product or service.
  12. Build an online presence. Make yourself known on the internet, like on social media or a website.
  13. Try a new job or career path.
  14. Start a professional blog or website.
  15. Attend a leadership or management workshop.
  16. Learn a new programming language or technical skill to improve your work abilities.
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FAQ: Why should you come up with a bucket list for your twenties?

So, you might be wondering, why should you even bother making a bucket list for your 20s, right?

Gives you direction

Having a bucket list is like having a roadmap for your life in your twenties. It helps you figure out what you really want to do, where you want to go, and what experiences you want to have.

Keeps you excited

Life can get kind of routine, but a bucket list keeps things interesting.

It’s like a to-do list for all the cool, fun, and exciting stuff you want to try in your twenties. It keeps that spark of enthusiasm alive.

Fosters growth

Your twenties are prime time for personal growth. A bucket list pushes you out of your comfort zone, helping you learn new things and develop as a person.

Creates memories

Trust me, you’ll want to look back on these years and say, “Wow, I did some amazing stuff!” These bucket list ideas for your twenties are your tickets to creating those awesome memories.

Builds confidence

Achieving things on your list boosts your confidence. It shows you that you’re capable of way more than you might think.

Strengthens relationships

You can share your bucket list with friends and loved ones. It’s a great way to bond and make plans to do cool things together.

No regrets

Your twenties are a unique time. A bucket list helps you make the most of it, so you won’t look back later and wish you’d done more.

What will be on your bucket list for your 20s?

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