Celebrate Self-Love Day: Ways to Show Yourself More Love

Let’s talk about ways to celebrate yourself on a self-love day

Today’s the day that I absolutely love—today is self-love day.

Are you ready to give yourself some much-needed love? It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself in a world that constantly demands your attention and energy.

However, you are the most important person in your life.

Today, we prioritize ourselves! It’s time to take a deep breath, slow down, and show ourselves some love.

Today is all about reconnecting with yourself and celebrating who you are, whether you spend the day pampering yourself with a bubble bath and a good book or taking a long walk in nature.

So, let’s get started and make today a self-love day to remember!

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How should you celebrate the international day of self-love?

That is entirely up to you! It’s a day to do incredible things that make you happy (depending on your love language as well), both physically and mentally.

You can focus only on yourself without taking other people’s feelings into consideration (no, it’s not selfish this time).

Perhaps you’ll take a long bath, go for a nature walk, visit your favorite restaurant, meditate or practice yoga, read a good book, or indulge in your favorite food.

The options for maintaining a loving relationship with yourself are limitless!

1. Take a relaxing bath with candles and your favorite essential oils

Taking a relaxing bath with vanilla cupcake-scented candles and my favorite essential oils is one of my absolute favorite ways to celebrate self-love day.

Nothing beats sinking into a warm tub and letting your worries simply melt away.

As the first step, choose your favorite scented candles and essential oils. Personally, I prefer lavender for its calming properties, but you can use whatever scent you prefer.

Dim the lights and light the candles around the room to set the mood. To create a warm, cozy atmosphere, I like to use tea lights as well.

Next, add your favorite essential oils to the bathwater. You can use a few drops of a single oil or combine them to make your own custom blend.

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, try a few drops of chamomile or bergamot essential oil to help you relax.

If you’re looking for an energizing boost, peppermint or lemon can help revitalize your senses.

When your bath is ready, it’s time to just sink in and unwind. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and surrender to the present moment.

You can use this time to meditate, listen to soothing music, visualize your dream job, or simply let your mind wander.

2. Try a new workout or exercise routine that you’ve been curious about

Are you ready to work out and feel great? Try out a new workout or exercise routine that you’ve been thinking about.

This isn’t only a great way to get your heart rate up and feel energized, but it’s also a fun way to change up your regular fitness routine.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing that new dance class at your local gym or wanted to try aerial yoga for a while.

This special day is an excellent opportunity to try something new! By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will not only strengthen your body but also your mind.

When trying out a new workout or exercise routine, keep an open mind and a sense of curiosity. Don’t be concerned if you’re not an expert; everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Always listen to your body and move at your own pace. If something doesn’t feel right, make changes or take a break.

Take some time after your workout to reflect on how you’re feeling. Do you feel energized and revitalized? Are you proud of yourself for attempting something new?

Remember to celebrate all your achievements, no matter how minor they may appear. This is all part of the lifelong journey to self-love!

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3. Get outside and explore nature

Why not go outside and explore the beauty of nature to celebrate self-love day in a fun and refreshing way?

There’s always a way to connect with the natural world around you, whether you’re in the heart of the city or surrounded by towering mountains.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to go for a walk through that new park down the street. Maybe you’ve been itching to explore a nearby hiking trail.

Whatever the case, now is the time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. One of the best parts about getting outside and exploring nature is that there are literally no rules.

You can go for a leisurely walk, pack a picnic and eat your meal outside, or even go swimming if you live near a beach or lake.

The key is to be fully present in the moment and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you.

While you’re out exploring, spend some time connecting with yourself and reflecting on your self-love journey.

Bring a self-love journal with you to jot down your thoughts and feelings as they arise. You’ll be able to track your progress and see how far you’ve come.

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4. Indulge in your favorite dish guilt-free

Now is the ideal time to indulge in a delicious meal or snack without feeling guilty about it.

Today is the day to satisfy your cravings for a juicy burger and fries, a decadent slice of cake, or a cheesy slice of pizza. Whatever you wish.

The goal is to eat what you want without feeling guilty or ashamed. It’s all about practicing self-love and allowing yourself to enjoy the things that make you happy.

One of the most effective ways to indulge in your favorite foods while still feeling good about them is to make healthier versions of your favorite dishes.

For example, instead of ordering pizza, you could make your own with a whole-grain crust and fresh vegetables.

If you’re craving a special dessert, make a batch of healthy, homemade cookies with ingredients like almond flour and coconut sugar. Yummy!

Mindful eating is another way to enjoy your favorite foods guilt-free. This means savoring each bite and fully appreciating the flavors and textures of your food.

It also means paying attention to your body and stopping when you’re full, rather than eating simply because the plate is still full.

Don’t forget to share the love—why not cook up a meal or bake your favorite treat for your best friends and family to enjoy too?

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5. Treat yourself to a spa day or massage

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a spa day or massage to help you unwind!

If you’re looking for the best way to celebrate yourself, why not treat yourself to a luxurious spa day or massage?

There are so many options available, whether you prefer a deep-tissue massage or a relaxing aromatherapy treatment.

You could spend the day at a nearby spa or wellness center. You could even have a professional massage therapist come to your home.

Don’t worry if you’re on a tight budget. You can still enjoy a spa-like experience at home with some candles, soothing music, and your favorite bath products.

Here are some ideas for indulging in a spa day or massage on a self-love day:

  1. Book a massage at a spa or wellness center and add on some extra treatments, like a facial or body wrap.
  2. Look for a spa that offers unique treatments like hot stone massage, hydrotherapy, or reflexology.
  3. Create a relaxing atmosphere at home with some candles, calming music, and your favorite essential oils.
  4. Try a DIY face mask or body scrub using natural ingredients like honey, coconut oil, or coffee grounds.
  5. Take a bubble bath or soak in a hot tub with some Epsom salts or bath bombs.
  6. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure with some nail polish and a foot bath.
  7. Make a spa-inspired drink like cucumber water or a green smoothie to sip on while you relax.
  8. Maybe I’m weird, but I personally love going to the grocery store and shopping as well. Crossing things off my shopping list gives me a sense of excitement in a different way.
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6. Write a letter to yourself

Making time to express gratitude to yourself is an excellent way to practice self-love. One of the best ways to do this is by writing a letter to yourself.

Sit down with a pen and paper. Start by listing all the qualities you admire in yourself, the obstacles you’ve overcome, and the things you’re grateful for.

This is the time to express your love and appreciation for yourself.

Be vulnerable and honest as you write your letter. Some of the things you write may surprise you, and that’s fine.

The goal is to be open to the positive feelings and emotions that come from acknowledging your strengths and accomplishments.

After you’ve finished writing your letter of gratitude, read it aloud to yourself. Hearing the words spoken out loud can make the message feel more real and powerful.

You can even keep the letter and read it on future occasions when you need a little reminder of how amazing you truly are.

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7. Create a vision board or journal

Creating a vision board or journal is a powerful way to manifest your dreams and goals. Take some time to reflect on what you want to achieve in your personal or professional life.

Think about your passions, your strengths, and what truly makes you happy.

Then, gather some magazines, photos, and other materials that inspire you, and start creating your vision board or journal.

Whether you use a digital or a physical board, selecting images and arranging them in meaningful ways can be both therapeutic and motivating.

To reinforce your goals and intentions, use positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and positive messages.

Imagine yourself living the life you want and focusing on the feelings of joy, gratitude, and fulfillment that come with it.

For example, if you want to travel more, include images of your dream destinations as well as quotes about adventure and exploration.

If you want to start a business, add images that represent your brand or products, as well as inspiring success stories.

Keep your vision board or journal in a visible location where you can see it every day and use it as a reminder of your goals and accomplishments.

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8. Spend time with your furry friends

As pet owners, we all know the joy and comfort that our furry friends can bring us.

Self-love day is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your pets and show them some extra love and attention.

Take your dog for a long walk in the park or around your neighborhood. Allow them to lead the way and discover new smells and sights.

This isn’t only a great exercise for you and your pet, but it also allows you to clear your mind and enjoy some fresh air.

Spend some time cuddling and playing with your cat, if you have one. Make a comfortable spot for the two of you to relax, and bring out their favorite toys for some playtime.

Cats crave attention and affection, so give them plenty of scratches and cuddles. If you have other pets, like birds or hamsters, take some time to interact with them as well.

Whether it’s talking to your bird or watching your hamster play, spending time with your pets can be a great way to de-stress and feel loved.

9. Take a digital detox and spend the day offline

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re constantly surrounded by technology. It’s not always easy to take a break.

That’s why taking a digital detox can be a great way to reconnect with yourself and focus on self-care. Consider staying away from your devices and spending the day offline.

It can be an excellent opportunity to try new hobbies or activities you might not try otherwise. There’s no better time for that than right now.

You could spend the day reading a new book, practicing self-love meditation or yoga, or simply taking a relaxing walk in nature.

You could even get together with some friends and play board games or try a new recipe. The goal is to disconnect from the digital world and focus on the present moment.

You give your mind a much-needed break by taking a break from the constant flow of notifications and updates.

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10. Practice meditation or mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can be extremely effective tools for self-love and self-care. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We’re constantly anticipating the future or dwelling on the past. It can make all the difference in the world to take a few moments to simply be present and focus on your breath.

To start, find a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Clear your mind of all thoughts and distractions, focusing solely on your breath and the present moment. You can even use a guided meditation app or video to help you.

Practicing mindfulness can also be incredibly beneficial. Instead of rushing through tasks or checking your phone constantly, take a moment to be fully present in whatever you’re doing.

This can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths before beginning a work task or fully enjoying the taste of your morning coffee.

11. Learn a new skill or hobby that you’ve always been interested in

Learning a new skill or hobby not only provides you with a sense of accomplishment but also allows you to pursue your interests and passions.

When it comes to learning a new skill or hobby, there are lots of options available. You could experiment with painting, pottery, or even woodworking.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn to play an instrument or dance in a certain style.

Learning a new skill or hobby can also help you relax. It’s an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and positively challenge yourself.

Besides, it’s an excellent way to express your creativity and give yourself a sense of purpose.

There are so many resources available to help you learn a new skill or hobby. You could enroll in a class, watch online tutorials, or find a mentor to help you.

The important thing is to find something that truly speaks to your interests and passions and to approach it with an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

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12. Take a solo trip or adventure to a new place

Solo travel can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world on your own terms.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer trip, taking time to travel solo can be a great way to celebrate self-love day.

First, choose a destination that interests and excites you. This could be a location you’ve always wanted to visit or one that offers one-of-a-kind activities or experiences.

When making your decision, consider factors such as safety, accessibility, and cost.

Start planning your itinerary once you’ve decided on your destination. Research nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities that you can do on your own.

You can also consider taking a class or joining a guided tour to meet new people and learn new skills.

Take advantage of your trip to reflect on your personal goals and aspirations. Make the most of this time by connecting with yourself and focusing on your own needs and desires.

Consider keeping a travel journal like this one to record your thoughts and feelings as you travel.

13. Dance like nobody’s watching

There’s nothing quite like the freedom and joy of dancing like nobody’s watching! It’s a fantastic way to unwind, have fun, and express yourself.

Dance can be a wonderful form of self-expression. Besides, it’s a great way to boost your mood, whether you’re into hip-hop, salsa, or simply love to groove to your favorite tunes.

To start, pick your favorite song or radio station and turn it up. Then, move your body to the music’s rhythm and beat.

Don’t worry about how you look or whether you’re doing it correctly; just enjoy yourself. You could even close your eyes and visualize yourself dancing on a stage or in your own private club.

If you’re feeling shy or self-conscious, start by dancing in a private space like your bedroom or living room. You can even do it in front of a mirror if that helps you get comfortable.

The point of dancing like nobody’s watching is to let go of any self-consciousness or judgment and just enjoy the moment.

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14. Watch your favorite movie or read a book that inspires you

If you’re stuck in a rut or just need some inspiration, watching an old movie, for example, or reading a book that inspires you can be just what you need to get your creative juices flowing!

Let’s be honest: there’s no shortage of inspiring content out there to choose from. You can also re-watch your favorite shows if you’re into that.

One of my personal favorites is the book “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

This novel follows the journey of a young shepherd boy as he embarks on a quest to fulfill his dreams and discover his destiny.

The story is filled with wisdom and inspiration, and it encourages readers to follow their hearts and never give up on their dreams.

If you prefer movies, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” starring Will Smith, is a great choice.

The movie is based on a true story about Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who becomes homeless with his young son.

Despite the difficulties, Chris never gives up on his dream of providing a better life for his family. He eventually succeeds.

15. Practice gratitude and appreciation

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, take a few moments to reflect on what you’re grateful for. It can really help shift your perspective and bring a sense of peace and contentment.

Set aside some time during your special day to start writing in a notebook or a gratitude journal.

Start with a simple prompt, such as “Today, I’m grateful for…” and then let your thoughts flow freely from there.

Focus on the small things that make you happy, such as a warm cup of tea or a cozy blanket, as well as the big things, such as supportive friends and family or a fulfilling job.

Take note of how your mood and mindset change as you continue to write.

Even in difficult times, gratitude journaling can help you cultivate a more positive outlook. What’s the best part? You can do it anywhere, anytime, with just a pen and paper.

So take a deep breath, grab your journal, and let’s get started on this self-care journey together. Remember, there is always something to be grateful for, no matter how big or small.

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a pin for a blog post that talks about a list of self-love day ideas to try
a pin for a blog post that talks about a list of self-love day ideas to try

FAQ: Why is self-love important in life?

There are many types of love. Self-love is one of them. But first, let’s talk about what self-love means. Self-love means treating yourself with kindness, understanding, and compassion.

It all comes down to accepting yourself for who you are and being your own biggest cheerleader.

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship or have a romantic partner for that. Self-love comes from within. The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

But what about the benefits of self-love, you may ask?

When you love yourself, you can gain a strong sense of confidence and self-worth. This can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

Self-acceptance is also essential for your emotional and mental health. When you take the time to care for yourself, you’re better equipped to face life’s obstacles and recover from adversity.

Another advantage of self-love is that it improves relationships with others. You’re less likely to tolerate toxic or unhealthy relationships if you have a strong sense of self-worth.

You also improve your ability to set boundaries and communicate your needs. This can lead to more fulfilling and satisfying relationships with others.

Self-love can also motivate you to pursue your interests and goals.

When you have faith in yourself, you’re more likely to take risks and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. This can result in personal development and a sense of accomplishment.

FAQ: What exactly is a self-love day?

Although it’s not an official holiday, self-love day is a special day dedicated to practicing self-care and prioritizing your well-being.

It’s a day to celebrate and appreciate yourself, as well as to focus on the things that make you happy.

No, it’s not for single people only. Your relationship status doesn’t really matter here.

While how people celebrate varies, the main goal of this day is to cultivate a positive and compassionate relationship with yourself.

This day is an opportunity to unwind from the stresses of everyday life by doing things that make you happy.

It’s an opportunity to reflect on your achievements and positive qualities. You’ll learn to appreciate the unique characteristics that make you who you are.

Self-love day is fundamentally about treating yourself with the same kindness and compassion that you would show to others.

It’s about recognizing your worth and value and treating yourself with the love and respect you always deserve.

Basically, you’re investing in your well-being and strengthening your relationship with yourself by taking the time to celebrate yourself.

FAQ: When is international self-love day?

That is entirely up to you! It can be any day of the week. You could choose a meaningful date, such as your birthday, or a random day. The important thing is that you make time for yourself.

However, did you know that February 13th is “Galentine’s Day” in the United States?

This day was popularized by the TV show “Parks and Recreation.” It’s all about celebrating friendship and self-love.

Many women gather with their friends on Galentine’s Day. They exchange gifts, eat a meal, or participate in fun activities.

It’s a day to celebrate the unique bonds of friendship while also prioritizing self-love and self-care.

I know that a lot of people also like celebrating on Valentine’s Day, which is on February 14th, but I honestly think you can choose whatever day you wish.

How do you celebrate self-love day?

When was the last time you put on your favorite outfit and treated yourself to a nice dinner? Do you consider yourself a self-love advocate? I would love to hear your opinions!

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