365 Gratitude Affirmations for Self-Love

365 affirmations about self-love for when you need inspiration

In this post, I’m going to share with you 365 super awesome gratitude affirmations for self-love that will help you reprogram your mind and manifest your dream life, so stay with me.

What are powerful affirmations for self-love and healing?

Affirmations are usually short, positive statements that let you take charge of your thoughts and overcome the ones that are negative and affect you in a bad way.

The goal is to reprogram your mind to let go of any negative beliefs you may have about yourself. It will result in higher self-esteem, personal growth, inner peace, self-confidence, and more positive thoughts.

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How do affirmations work?

Affirmations, especially gratitude affirmations for self-love and worth, are crafted in such a way that they affect both your conscious and subconscious minds. If you repeat them frequently, they will change your behavior and thinking patterns towards more positive ones.

You can use these self-love reminders to boost your mood, improve your confidence, or start believing in yourself more.

If you read self-help books, you’ll often see that practicing affirmations is mentioned in almost every one of them. I’ve also written a blog post about 20 self-help books that you need to read to change your life once and for all, so make sure to check it out.

Practicing daily affirmations for self-love isn’t some hoax. Affirmations do work, but they are not a magic bullet that will solve all of your problems overnight.

Keep in mind that affirmations work only if you practice them consistently and regularly. Think of words of affirmation for self-love as a step toward change, not the change itself.

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affirmations for self-love and healing

How to practice affirmations?

Practicing affirmations is relatively simple. You choose an affirmation and repeat it to yourself. You can either think about it, say it out loud, or even write it down—whatever suits you best.

The goal is to choose one affirmation a day and simply repeat it to yourself. The progress is different for everyone, but I recommend taking 5 minutes every morning and every night to really focus on one affirmation.

Repeat an affirmation for a chosen number of times. I repeat an affirmation 25 times, and I make sure that I really believe it. There’s a saying that belief can move mountains, and I believe it to be very true.

I’ve come up with a list of a year’s worth of love and gratitude affirmations that I once wrote down for myself. You can adjust them according to your goals and needs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these affirmations for gratitude. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s get started with some easy affirmations

Daily affirmations to help you appreciate yourself

• I have beautiful qualities to offer this world.

• I can do the things I love.

• I worship my loved ones.

• I have more strength than I think.

• I deserve to be happy, and I choose to be happy.

• I love myself unconditionally.

• I am always hopeful.

• I am excited about today.

• I practice selflessness with my loved ones.

• I think positively.

• I know good things will continue to happen in my life.

• I make healthy choices.

• I love the person that I am turning into.

• I do not care what other people think of me.

• I am intelligent.

• I appreciate what I have in life right now.

• I do not tie my self-worth to the way I look.

• I know I can achieve anything I focus on.

• I am a positive role model.

• I am optimistic.

• I find value in being myself.

• I have happy thoughts.

• Money comes easily into my life.

• I do not worry about things I have no control over.

• I will not compare myself to other people.

• Life is meant to be lived fully and deeply.

• I know my worth.

• I appreciate my body for its strength.

• I am blessed.

• I stand for my beliefs.

a gratitude affirmation about self-love saying i stand for my beliefs

• I am capable of defending myself.

• I will communicate clearly and kindly with the people around me.

• I am getting better every day.

• I don’t keep negative feelings in my heart or negative thoughts in my mind.

• I enjoy spending time with myself.

• I deserve the best.

• I feel good about myself and the decisions I make.

• I am comfortable with myself.

• I am a good provider.

• I love all of my flaws.

• I am forgiving.

• I am limitless.

• Opportunities always find me.

• I am not easily shaken by difficulties.

• I have all it takes to turn dreams into reality.

• I deserve all the love and attention.

• I choose to see the good in every day.

• I love and accept myself.

• I am capable of coping with my greatest fears.

• I will stay away from negative situations in my life.

• I choose to live my life to the fullest.

• My well-being is my top priority.

• I am patient.

• I value the people I love.

• I deserve to be appreciated.

• I will make time for my passions.

• I truly love the way I am.

• I am helpful.

• I exhale fear and inhale confidence.

• I am in charge of my decisions.

an affirmation saying I am in charge of my decisions

Beautiful gratitude affirmations for self-love that you’re going to LOVE

• I am proud of myself and of who I am becoming.

• I am a problem solver.

• I make a positive difference in the world.

• I am disciplined.

• I never hide my true self.

• I am ready to accept a happy relationship.

• Having some alone time is good for me.

• I am free from the burden of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

• I am unique.

• I inspire other people.

• I walk and live with a purpose.

• I will never give up on my goals and dreams.

• I will get better every day.

• I am supportive.

• I adopt new habits for a better me.

• I am focused and ready.

• I am capable of making smart decisions.

• I am never afraid to try again.

• I am kind.

• My skills are valuable.

• I am creating the best memories.

• I am confident in my ability to have a positive impact.

• I learn from any failure.

• I can get through anything.

• I will be fearless.

• I am immune to negative thoughts.

• I am a good listener.

• I am at peace with my past.

• I am a person of worth and value.

• I can do it, and I will do it.

an affirmation saying i can do it and I will do it

• I will do what it takes to change.

• I allow my true self to flourish.

• I am on a journey with myself.

• I like to work hard.

• I am the only one who needs to understand my choices.

• I love the way I speak.

• Joy is within me.

• I am creative.

• I adapt to new experiences.

• I trust my abilities and skills.

• I am persistent.

• I love the way I look.

• I have awesome talents to share with the world.

• I am more loving and forgiving every day.

• I deserve to get whatever I want.

• I do not doubt my potential.

• I am happy for other people’s success.

• I choose my attitude.

• I like to challenge myself.

• I am funny.

• I am a gift.

• Good things come naturally to me.

• Today I choose myself.

• I do my best every day.

• I choose to have a happy day.

• I will succeed.

• I will create healthy boundaries for myself.

• I am polite.

• I am responsible for creating my own path.

• I am grateful for all of my life’s lessons.

an affirmation saying i am grateful for all my life lessons

Good affirmations to help you love yourself every day

• I am transforming into a better person.

• I am a fighter and a warrior.

• I am successful in everything I do.

• I am making a difference in the world.

• I use failure as a stepping stone.

• I am an amazing soul.

• I am motivated.

• I am growing every day.

• I am beautiful inside and out.

• I am proud of all my small and big accomplishments.

• I won’t give up.

• I am safe.

• I speak whatever’s on my mind.

• I’m the best source of my motivation.

• There is power within me.

• My voice is valuable, and my opinion matters.

• I will learn something new today.

• I can overcome difficult things.

• I know how to balance work and life outside of work.

• My decisions rely on only me.

• I can avoid negative thoughts and actions.

• I am a source of inspiration and motivation.

• I am free of negativity.

• I am worthy of love.

• I am keeping a grateful mindset.

• I am getting richer and more successful every day.

• I am loved.

• I want to love, and people want to love me.

• I do not need to be perfect.

• Problems help me learn and grow.

an affirmation saying problems help me learn and grow aka affirmations for self-love and healing

• I feel full of life.

• I have the power to change this day.

• I love to give.

• I deserve to be respected.

• I am courageous, and I stand up for myself.

• I value my worth.

• I am always willing to learn and grow.

• I am in charge of my emotions.

• My abilities are unique.

• People’s opinions about me reflect who they are, not me.

• All my loved ones respect me.

• Change is good and helps me grow.

• I will not focus on what I cannot control.

• I am courageous.

• I am doing my best.

• I will achieve my goals.

• I am stronger because of my struggles.

• I forgive myself.

• I am creating a life I love and want.

• I choose to see positivity, even in tougher times.

• I am considerate of myself and other people.

• I speak with confidence.

• I can make a difference in the world.

• I am enough.

• I love taking care of myself.

• I deserve to be well paid for my work.

• I will accomplish anything I focus on.

• My value cannot be measured.

• I am prepared to take advantage of the great opportunities presented to me.

• I listen to my inner voice.

a gratitude affirmation saying I listen to my inner voice

Spiritual self-love affirmations that I practice every day

• I am truthful.

• I am awesome.

• I am fun.

• My body is full of energy and strength.

• I am in control of my life.

• I am kind to myself.

• I am respectful.

• I make time for myself.

• I find ways to overcome challenges.

• I am free of fear.

• I am a fighter who makes lemonade when life throws lemons at me.

• I am one-of-a-kind.

• I am a powerful creator.

• I am willing to live my dream life.

• I deserve to be loved for who I am.

• I choose to find happiness in all aspects of my life.

• I matter.

• I am a good influence on others.

• I am a born leader.

• I am an excellent decision-maker.

• I am prepared to work even harder to be successful.

• I am grateful to my body for its incredible work.

• I have important things to say.

• I get stronger every day.

• Everything is well in my life.

• I appreciate and acknowledge all of me.

• I attract good things.

• I choose to start this day with a smile.

• I only create positive and supportive relationships.

• I am grateful for this day.

• I am gentle with myself and others.

• I allow creativity and positivity to flow through me with ease.

• I have the power to let go of the negativity.

• I will follow my heart.

• I take pride in who I am.

• I enjoy being with my loved ones.

• I will overcome my fears.

• My happiness depends on me and me only.

• I have healthy self-esteem and self-image.

• I am a winner even if I lose.

• I am attracting positive experiences into my life.

• I can handle any obstacle.

• I will take things one step at a time.

• I trust myself.

• I attract all the positivity in my life.

• I fight for my rights.

• I am extremely wise.

• I trust my intuition.

• I am a happy person who has a lot of hopes, goals, and dreams.

• I am living a beautiful life.

• I am capable of chasing whatever I want.

• I appreciate everything I have.

• I am an extraordinary individual.

• I validate every thought before letting it sink into my mind.

• I can live in the moment.

• I spread joy.

• I am the architect of my reality.

• My faith in myself is limitless.

• I have great potential within me.

• I am not defined by my situation.

an affirmation saying i am not defined by my situation

Positive affirmations for self-love that will actually have an impact on you

• I deserve worthy relationships.

• I can do anything, but not everything.

• My actions speak louder than my words.

• My thoughts and opinions are valuable.

• I practice kindness toward myself every day.

• I will make my dreams come true.

• I am whole.

• I am missing nothing.

• I am attractive.

• I have high self-esteem.

• I have the power to change anything.

• I am humbled.

• I accept myself deeply and completely.

• Peace begins within me.

• I work for my own gain.

• I am confident.

• I am talented.

• I am capable of finding a solution to every problem.

• I am powerful, fearless, and highly capable.

• My life changes when I change my thinking.

• I want to reach higher and further every day.

• I treat my family with love and respect.

• I bring joy and peace to others.

• I am special.

• Every day I wake up with new energy and optimism.

• I will do what I love.

• I will set my own goals and achieve them.

• I am determined.

• Struggling actually makes me stronger.

• I can be whoever I want to be.

an affirmation saying i can be anything I want to be

• I already have what I want.

• I attract people who help me achieve my goals.

• I focus on positivity.

• Being confident comes easily to me.

• I am a powerful boss babe.

• It’s okay to make mistakes.

• I am a positive person who attracts positive situations for success.

• My possibilities are endless.

• I am amazed by everything I can do.

• I will be successful.

• I am capable of managing my money well.

• I believe in my dreams.

• People around me trust me.

• I am full of only positive energy.

• I do not need validation from others.

• I follow my gut.

• I am capable of coping with difficulties.

• I am emotionally independent.

• I deserve peace.

• I deserve success and wealth.

• I’ve got this.

• My life is better because of my loved ones.

• I am taking steps to make my dreams a reality.

• I will say “yes” to myself today.

• I am healthy.

• I am peaceful.

• I always learn from my mistakes.

• This is my life and I will live it under my conditions.

• I am capable of turning all my complaints into solutions.

• I choose calm over anxiety.

a gratitude affirmation for self-love saying I choose calm over anxiety

Affirmations for gratitude to help you achieve your goals

• I live up to the standards I set for myself.

• I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and choices.

• I love to learn new things.

• I am worthy of greatness.

• I am grateful for all that I have and will achieve.

• I love and respect my partner.

• I fight for what I believe.

• I am happy and grateful that I’m living my best life.

• Everything is meant to teach me something.

• Everything happens for a reason.

• I love and respect myself deeply.

• Mistakes are a chance for me to grow.

• I use every criticism to improve myself.

• I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

• I believe in my abilities.

• I believe in myself.

• I am important.

• I let go and allow the universe to do its thing.

• I am open to love and support from other people.

• I am trustworthy.

• I am thankful for all that I have.

• Life is great.

• I am grateful for all the new experiences.

• My skin and my dress size do not define me.

• I am open to new opportunities.

• I am proud to be independent.

• I can figure out everything.

• I have great ideas.

• I love my abilities and capabilities.

• I learn from every setback.

an affirmation saying i learn from every setback

• I see beauty in every situation.

• I am generous.

• I do not overthink.

• I am responsible for my actions and decisions.

• I am brilliant and beautiful.

• I accept myself as I am.

• I am capable of powerful things.

• I am positive, and I attract positivity.

• I am grateful to be alive.

• I’m getting stronger every day.

• I have so much to be thankful for.

• I enjoy healthy food.

• I wear confidence like a coat.

• I believe in the person I am becoming.

• I appreciate what my loved ones do for me.

• I let go of the expectations.

• I have the courage to sometimes say “no”.

• I am able to do things that have never been done before.

• I am braver than I think.

• I am at the right place at the right time.

• I have a big heart that is capable of forgiving other people.

• I deserve a healthy relationship.

• I have the power to make my dreams come true.

• The past has no power over me.

• I feel alive.

• I embrace and accept changes.

• I give up bad habits for a better life.

• I will use my skills to help other people.

• I am proud of my decisions.

• I am smart.

• Every life experience presents an opportunity to grow stronger.

• I will look after myself.

• I will face my fears.

• I will not look back. I will look forward.

• I am worthy of the best things.

These were the best gratitude affirmations for self-love to manifest your dream life

an affirmation saying i am worthy of the best things

What’s your opinion on daily gratitude affirmations? How often do you practice affirmations? Would you like to share your favorite affirmations with me? Let me know in the comments below.

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