33 Effective Habits of Successful Women

Learn how to be a successful woman with the help of these healthy habits for women

Keep reading if you want to learn more about the habits of successful women.

Your entire life is made up of habits, and if you want to be successful, your life should be made up of good habits.

If you’re used to watching TV for 5 hours a day, chances are you won’t have much time for self-development activities.

An interesting fact about America: the average American watches 5 hours of television per day, and by the age of 60, they have spent 15 years of their life, or one-third of their waking hours, watching television.

The goal that we should all strive for is to develop more positive habits in our daily lives.

Bad habits lead to a lifestyle that keeps you from pursuing your dreams and doing what you really want to do. You might be so involved in bad habits that you don’t even realize they’re bad.

Good habits that have made you better, stronger, smarter, and ultimately more satisfied will create a life for you that you will enjoy and that helps you grow as a person.

New habits require discipline and time. It’s all about getting started and taking the first steps to getting better than you were yesterday. No one says it’s easy, but believe me, it’s worth it.

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Let’s talk about what habits to adopt to live the life of a successful woman

1. Health is the foundation of successful people

It’s important to maintain a high level of energy throughout the day to achieve your goals. Make an effort to move your body for at least 20 minutes every morning.

If you can get up earlier in the morning and move around a little before work, your body will wake up much better, and you’ll be more prepared to face the day.

Training is known to be easier when you’re with friends, so try to find some friends to work out with in the morning.

Successful people make an effort to sleep well (sleep reduces stress, improves concentration, and creates a positive mood), eat healthily, and exercise regularly (to maintain energy levels and gain confidence).

It’s not possible to add more minutes to your day, but it is possible to increase your energy.

2. Plan your time and day

Planning time and days plays a huge part in successful women’s lives.

Try to do it the night before. If you don’t plan your time, you’ll waste a lot of it, and time is the only “personal currency” you’ll never get back.

According to Brian Tracy, one minute of planning saves you 10 minutes in execution. We are all busy, but a well-planned day is far more effective than simply doing something.

Once you’ve mastered the art of planning, you’ll be able to put together a successful week in just a few hours.

Here’s a daily planner that helps you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

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3. Have faith in yourself

If you want to live the life of your dreams, you must first believe that you are capable of doing so. You have the option of believing in yourself.

Successful ladies do not doubt that they’ll be able to achieve all of their goals. They are persistent.

People who are successful and happy make mistakes, look like fools, and then try everything again.

One survey of 800 entrepreneurs discovered a surprising world of thought behind their success: they can’t imagine failing, and they don’t care what others think of them.

4. Be thankful

Successful people understand that showing gratitude to those around them not only makes them feel good but also makes them feel more satisfied and successful.

People are more likely to help you achieve your goals if they believe you appreciate their efforts.

This is one of those good habits for women because there are no downsides; recognition is free, and there can never be too much recognition.

Learn how to express your gratitude. By thinking about a few important things and thanking yourself every now and then, you also bring a lot of positive energy into yourself.

Here’s a one-minute gratitude journal to help you appreciate life every day. It couldn’t get any easier!

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5. Find time for friends

Finding time for friends plays a huge part in the lifestyle of a successful woman. Spend time with people whose company you enjoy.

The more time you spend with friends, the better your mental health will be. With good friends around, you know that you’ll always have a support system when you need it.

Your best friends are also likely to be the people who love you unconditionally and can thus keep you stress-free.

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6. Finish what you started

Procrastination is one of those things successful women don’t do. Coming up with great ideas is meaningless if you don’t bring them to life and finish them.

The most successful and happy people put their ideas into action by confronting challenges and working every day.

They understand that a vision is a meaningless concept until it is realized. Then, and only then, will success begin.

How often have you opened a letter or report and put it aside to deal with later? Or did you open an email and save it for later?

Truly successful people try to touch things only once. If it takes 5–10 minutes to deal with the email, they will deal with it immediately after opening it.

7. Be more interested in the creation process than in making money

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about making money, but it shouldn’t be your primary concern. Financially successful people enjoy the satisfaction of making their clients happy.

They don’t necessarily need the most up-to-date gadgets and toys. They provide valuable services or produce valuable products.

They don’t simply consume what others have created. They exist outside of the box.

They think differently. While others sit in comfort and focus all of their energy on strengthening existing beliefs, successful people take on new challenges and are overflowing with ideas.

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8. Use a notebook

Always keep a notebook with you and write everything down. It’s million-dollar information that you won’t learn in business school.

Writing things down allows productive people to clear their minds.

Put everything on your calendar instead of your to-do list. According to surveys, only 41% of the activities on the to-do list will be completed.

Productive people schedule all of their activities on a calendar and then stick to them. Divide the day into 15-minute chunks using the calendar.

This sounds terrible, but it guarantees 95% performance. Here’s a cool, reusable notebook for you. No more wasting paper! How awesome is that?!

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9. Start with the final outcome in mind

Another efficient habit is to start with the end goal in mind. It means knowing where you want to go so you can understand where you are now and how to take the next step in the right direction.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of doing things, working harder and harder, climbing the ladder of success upward, only to realize one day that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

We can be very effective by working wildly but recklessly, but we can only be effective if we start with the end result in mind.

10. Read books

Reading books is among the best habits of successful women. Many successful women read books. The average person reads only 2–3 books a year, often only one.

There have been numerous studies that show that reading books is directly related to a person’s success.

For example, business leaders are avid readers, reading an average of 4-5 books per month, which is the same number of books the average person reads in a year.

Because of your knowledge, the more time you spend reading interesting and developing books, the more effective you will be in your life.

Nothing beats treating the brain with new information after a long day of work. Reading before bedtime also makes you feel good.

Fun tip: You can also join a book club.

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11. Don’t waste your time on social media

Although social media can be a full-time job for some, there are also insane lures that can keep you distracted.

Whether it’s a friend who tags you, someone who writes about what they did yesterday, or some intriguing title (aka clickbait), you’ve already wasted 30 minutes.

Even if you look at something once and promise yourself that you will close it immediately, it will not happen.

It can take up to 23 minutes to regain focus. Therefore, any distraction is a waste of time.

12. Always do a little more

Successful people understand that if they truly want to succeed in business, studies, and life, they must go the extra mile.

They go above and beyond what is expected of them to help those around them.

They receive loyalty, recommendations, opportunities, and money in exchange. They aren’t concerned with what benefits everyone or whether something is fair or unfair to them.

It makes no difference to them whether or not anyone notices or acknowledges their extra effort.

Instead, they concentrate on exceeding expectations, paying attention to details, and producing high-quality work.

13. Take your time and meditate

Researchers have now confirmed that meditation has a significant impact on both mental and physical health.

If you can set aside 20 minutes per day to meditate (or even five minutes), it will help you organize your thoughts and focus better.

The faster life moves, the more time we need to stop and think.

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14. Don’t waste time complaining

How to be a successful woman? Stop complaining. When something goes wrong, successful women change course, learn from it, or look for a way to fix it.

They make it a point to pay off their debts and save money.

They understand that when someone is in debt, they have no choice but to keep an unintentional job, residence, or house.

They don’t place blame on the government or the economy for their situation. They believe they are in charge of their own happiness.

15. Practice affirmations

Self-awareness is important to your overall well-being. The more you enjoy life, the more confident and content you will feel.

To ensure successful affirmation, choose a mantra that is related to your dream and has a realistic goal.

For example, if you want to earn $100,000, don’t say, “I will earn $100,000 per year.” This causes a conflict between your conscious and subconscious minds, and the programming fails.

Instead, try something manageable. “I will work an extra 10 hours per week to earn $100,000 next year.”

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16. Delegate almost everything

Successful people don’t ask, “How do I do this?” but rather, “How can this be done?” They exclude themselves from activities as much as possible.

Highly productive people don’t need to be in charge and aren’t micromanagers. In many cases, good enough is good enough.

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17. Be willing to make sacrifices

Financially successful women accept a lower income at first, drive used cars, and live in smaller apartments until they can afford more.

They reinvest the money they save in something that will bring them more money in the future.

Rich people may choose to live a frugal lifestyle for the rest of their lives. They focus on long-term financial goals.

Instead of simply making money and then spending it, they develop financial strategies to help them achieve their long-term goals. Then they stick to their plans.

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18. Don’t be disturbed by what others are doing

Let’s talk about why this is one of the habits of a successful woman.

If you’re constantly watching what other people are doing every day, you won’t have time to deal with your own issues or do activities that are truly beneficial to you.

There are certainly many inspiring people, but comparing your current situation to others’ is extremely exhausting.

Your success story is unique, and you don’t need to compare it to anyone else’s.

Concentrate on your life and find your way. If you get your sense of satisfaction and enjoyment from comparing yourself to others, you’re no longer in control of your own happiness.

When successful and happy people outperform their own expectations, they feel good.

Regardless of what others think of you right now, your sense of self-worth should come from within.

19. Set goals

If you want to have the mindset of a successful woman, start setting SMART goals. According to experts, the brain is a goal-setting organ.

Successful people understand that when they feed their goals to their subconscious mind, it works tirelessly to achieve them.

They would rather set a higher goal that is both realistic and measurable and then make an effort to do something every day to achieve it.

Set your goals for the day, such as “Today I’m only eating healthy foods” or “Today I’m focusing on these important tasks so they will be completed.”

Here’s how you can learn to set AND achieve your weekly goals in no time.

Throughout the day, you will become more aware of the moments that you set as your goal in the morning. These accomplishments provide a sense of fulfillment and well-being.

Here’s a list of good monthly goals that are guaranteed to improve your life.

20. Maintain a consistent morning routine

Successful people have morning routines that allow them to spend their days actively.

These routines frequently include refreshing facial treatments, a nutritious breakfast, light exercise, meditation, or inspirational reading.

If you want to know more about the morning habits of successful women, here’s a billion-dollar morning routine that you’re going to love.

21. Be proactive

Being proactive plays an important part in becoming a successful woman. Being proactive means seeking opportunities, not problems.

This means that, as humans, we are in charge of our own lives. Being proactive involves accepting responsibility for getting things moving.

People who end up in a good position are the ones who seize the opportunity and take initiative. They don’t focus on problems.

Your emotional state is determined by what you focus on. Thinking about problems increases them and also causes stress. Concentrate on how to feel better.

People who are successful and happy don’t dwell on problems because they understand that they are most powerful when they focus on solutions.

22. Volunteer

72 percent of rich people volunteer at least five hours a week. True, there are many more reasons to volunteer, but the rich mainly use it to expand their social network.

Volunteering is one of those good things to do for personal growth. If you want to better yourself even more, read my blog post about 100 really good habits to consider right now.

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23. Say “no” to nearly everything

“The difference between a successful and a very successful person is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything,” says billionaire Warren Buffet.

This is a very important part of the lifestyle of a successful woman.

If the offer doesn’t pique your interest, you must decline it. Remember, you only have 1440 minutes per day; don’t waste them.

Here’s how you can learn to say “no” to nearly everything.

24. Live every day as if it were your last

Living every day as if it were your last is also one of the greatest habits of successful women. Why?

We all know that life is fast and often chaotic, which is why people want to focus on the future, not because they believe they’re already there but because they’re thinking about and planning for it.

While planning is important, we must also remember to enjoy the present moment.

Because we never know when our lives will end, we should live each day as if it were our last, filling it with joy, love, and activities that make us truly happy.

25. Use a stopwatch to make better use of time

It’s very important to use your time wisely with the stopwatch method and to take breaks in the meantime.

When the stopwatch starts, you turn off the phone, close all other tabs on your computer, and concentrate solely on the task at hand.

In the meantime, make sure to take breaks and move around—pushups, jumping, squats—anything that will get your blood flowing.

When your blood flows and your body gets some exercise, your brain works better. This is important because sitting all day is equivalent to smoking.

Here’s an affordable stopwatch for time management that you can put on your desk.

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26. Act

Successful people believe that they’re paid for what they do rather than what they know.

They value having a vision, setting goals and breaking them down into smaller steps, visualizing and instilling success in themselves, trusting themselves, and simply getting things done.

They’re well aware that nothing will happen unless they act. As you act, many things will start to move, sometimes as if on their own, to help you succeed.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from your experience, which is far more valuable than listening to others or reading books.

Also, you’ll start to attract people who will support and encourage you.

27. Get up painfully early

It’s not a surprise that getting up early also plays a huge part in the lifestyle of a successful woman.

It’s time to get used to it, owls. 90% of successful people get up before 6 a.m. on weekdays. Yes, it may sound horrible, but going to bed earlier can help numb the pain.

The most significant obstacle to a successful morning is putting off the alarm clock. It’s not enough to leave yourself just enough time in the morning to get everything ready.

Set your alarm clock an hour earlier and go to bed earlier in the evening because you have to get enough sleep in order to succeed.

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28. Focus on minutes, not hours

While time management usually divides the calendar into hours or half hours, very successful people know that every day is 1440 minutes, and time is the most valuable resource.

Lost money can be recovered, but not time spent. To control your life, you need to take control of what happens in every minute of it.

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29. Focus on just one thing

Highly productive people know what their most important task or goal is and devote 1-2 hours each morning to it.

Do the most difficult task first. It’s very easy to start with small tasks and get them off your back, but as the day progresses, we start to believe that we can’t and don’t want to do certain things.

Truly productive people don’t constantly check their inboxes. They don’t respond to every sound or vibration on their phone, nor do they check their emails.

Instead, they have scheduled time to work on the emails, and they do so quickly and efficiently, as they do with everything else.

30. Work on your personal projects

Working on personal projects plays an important part in the daily routine of a successful woman.

People often leave personal projects such as writing, painting, and crafting a novel behind after long and tiring working days.

However, many successful people use the early morning hours to work on their personal interests.

31. Drink water

Are you surprised to see drinking water among these daily habits of successful women? Well, let me explain.

Many successful leaders drink a glass of water instead of their morning coffee.

Water helps to wake you up, hydrates the body, refreshes the skin, speeds up digestion, and doesn’t dull our senses like coffee.

Here’s an awesome motivational water bottle for you that’s guaranteed to help you increase your water intake.

32. Surround yourself with positive people and don’t waste time on negativity

Insecure people are constantly doubting themselves, so they try to steal the spotlight and criticize others to prove their worth.

Confident people, on the other hand, are unconcerned because they draw their self-esteem from within.

They concentrate on the outside world, so they notice everything beautiful that others create. It’s easy for them to compliment others.

They’re open to new ideas. It’s certainly among the best secrets of a successful woman.

A successful and happy woman understands that every point of view provides an opportunity for growth.

You must develop empathy to put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand what they’re thinking and feeling.

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33. Put your priorities first

When we talk about having the lifestyle of a successful woman, we need to talk about putting our priorities first.

Ask yourself what one thing you could do that you aren’t doing right now that, if done consistently and well, would make a significant difference in your personal or professional life.

  1. Choose one forgotten activity, write it down, and commit to working on it.
  2. Estimate how much time you spend on each activity each week. Then, measure this time and check the accuracy of your assessment.
  3. Create a list of tasks that you could delegate. What kind of lesson do the people you might delegate to require?
  4. Plan out your next week in accordance with your goals.
  5. Organize your time weekly. Set a specific time to do it.
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a pin for a blog post that talks about habits of successful women
a pin for a blog post that talks about habits of successful women

33 habits of successful women you need to implement right away

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  2. Setting goals and surrounding yourself with positive successful people is really important. You can’t improve if you don’t set goals and having the right people around will help you stay on track! Thanks for the great list!

  3. Loved the post! I particularly loved the saying “no” portion because you have to know when to set boundaries and no doesn’t have to be rude, it can only be I am choosing me. I love the idea of enjoying the creative process more than the money. You really have to love what you do, people notice it and money comes after that.


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