New Month, New Goals—Good Monthly Goals to Set Today

Over 150 great monthly goal ideas for everyone

Let’s talk about good monthly goals to set for an improved quality of life. You’ve probably heard of the saying “new month, new goals.”

If you want to improve your life and be more successful in everything you do, you have to learn how to set monthly goals.

Goals are dreams that usually have a deadline attached to them.

Goals force and motivate us to act.

A new month can be an excellent time to set new goals and make positive changes in your life. Setting a goal, no matter how big or small, can give you a sense of purpose and motivation to work hard.

Setting goals at the start of each month is a great way to take advantage of a new month and make positive changes in your life. You can reflect on the previous month and evaluate your progress before setting new goals for the coming month.

So today, I’m going to give you some good goal ideas. But before that, let’s talk about how to set goals for the upcoming month.

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How to plan for the new month?

The SMART goals model is one of the most well-known and straightforward goal-setting models.

1. Make your goals as specific as possible. What exactly do you want to accomplish? When formulating the goal, be as specific as possible and leave no room for misinterpretation.

2. Your goal must be measurable in order to be detailed and clear. How else can you tell if you’ve met your goal? “Lose weight” isn’t a specific or measurable goal. It’s just a dream.

It’s possible to track your progress if you have a measurable goal. A measurable goal greatly helps to break down a long-term goal into manageable chunks.

You can use this affordable habit tracker to ensure you’re working toward your goals.

3. The goals you set for yourself should be realistically attainable by YOU. Consider your resources and whether your current knowledge, skills, and other resources are sufficient to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

All of your goals should be consistent with your larger plans and long-term goals. How will the goals you set for this month assist you in getting closer to the desired end result or achieving one of your long-term goals? Why is achieving these specific goals so important to you?

4. If achieving a goal isn’t relevant to you, it’ll be much more difficult for you to find the motivation and resources to work toward it. We have a habit of constantly putting off goals that aren’t really important to us.

At some point, it’s worthwhile to be honest with yourself about such goals; perhaps that goal doesn’t matter to YOU if you’re always pushing it off into the future.

5. Goals that aren’t time-bound are rarely achieved because there’s always time to start working on them. There’s no set deadline for completion. Isn’t tomorrow always a better day for the first try?

In the case of time-bound goals, you can divide the remaining time into shorter periods and assign specific tasks to each period, bringing you closer to achieving the goal.

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Some tips for monthly goal-setting

You’re more likely to overlook goals that appear to be too big and frightening to achieve. Such ambitions appear too idealistic to achieve.

That’s why I advise breaking down your goals into smaller steps. Break down your most important goals, which are truly within your control, into smaller, concrete steps and tasks.

Make a detailed action plan that divides the tasks into weeks. Completing these minor tasks appears to be much easier and more tangible.

Some people believe that talking about their goals and sharing them with others keeps the social pressure on them, which helps them stay on track.

Find a friend who will double-check that you keep your word to avoid deviating from your goals. It’s easier to keep promises made to others. We’re much more likely to break promises we make to ourselves.

If you start to stray from the path and lose motivation, I recommend writing down a very specific reason for each goal—why is that goal important to you? Why are these goals on your list, and how will your life change if you achieve them? Why shouldn’t you give up?

Don’t forget to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishments.

Recognizing your progress and acknowledging yourself can help you stay motivated and move forward. Enjoy small victories because each small victory brings you closer to your goal. You’re on the right track, so praise yourself.

Examine your remaining goal plans in light of your goal-achievement experience: make the next goal more difficult if you achieved the first one too easily. If you learn something that will cause you to change your other goals, change them.

Now let’s move on to some really good goal-setting ideas. Living a new lifestyle according to the words “new month, new goals” has never been that easy!

Here are some examples of goals to set for the month

Monthly health goals + self-care goals

Here are some good monthly goals that are related to health and self-care. They also contribute to keeping your mental health in good shape.

• Bring your own lunch to work. Here’s an awesome (and safe!) lunch box to help you with that.

• Set aside one hour for yourself every day.

• Do your own manicure and pedicure. Here’s a great manicure kit to help you save some money.

• Don’t look at your phone for an hour after you wake up or before you go to bed.

• Train your brain with brain exercises.

• Seek help and support when needed.

• Create your own productive morning routine and an effective evening routine that work for you.

• Get more rest.

• Reduce stress by writing down your problems so you can work on them.

• Practice breathing exercises.

• Go to bed 5 minutes earlier every day.

• Make an effort to get a good night’s sleep every night (here’s how).

• Spend more time in front of the mirror to appreciate yourself.

• Increase your water consumption. Here’s a great water bottle to motivate you to drink more.

• Have fun with your hobbies.

• Smile more.

• Take good care of your body.

• Try to get up half an hour earlier than usual to work on your goals (here’s how you can wake up earlier).

• Treat yourself to a home spa day every now and then.

• Take care of your skin.

• Stop eating fast food.

• Stop drinking alcohol.

• Try to use less makeup.

• Wear sunscreen every day. I really like this one with SPF 100+.

• Create a self-care routine.

• Find a healthy diet plan for yourself.

• Reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

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Ideas for physical health goals

Here are some goals for your life that are connected to your physical health.

• Start taking daily or regular walks.

• Dance on a regular basis.

• Train your body and mind on a regular basis.

• Run x miles every day.

• Set a goal of walking at least 10,000 steps per day.

• Start working out. I started working out using these resistance bands, and as of now, I don’t regret my decision.

• Stretch and work on your flexibility.

• Take the stairs whenever possible.

• Start the Couch to 5K training program.

• Sit and stand up straight.

Good monthly goals related to money

Here are some ideas for monthly goals that are related to your finances.

• Simplify your financial habits.

• Set financial goals for yourself.

• Sell items you no longer need or use.

• Stop ordering takeout food.

• Work on your financial plans. Seek out new ways to save money.

• Stop purchasing bottled water (and here are some more things you should stop paying for).

• Stop eating out.

• Get rid of bad financial habits and replace them with good ones.

• Stop wasting money on takeout coffee.

• Spend nothing for one day.

• Create a monthly budget with the help of this awesome budget planner.

• Start putting aside X amount of money.

• Set up an investment account.

• Keep a record of how much money you spent in the previous month.

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Monthly goal ideas for work

Here are some good goals to set that are related to work.

• Apply for new jobs.

• Update your curriculum vitae or résumé.

• Start a blog.

• Create new connections and expand your network.

• Start writing a book or an ebook to increase your income.

• Sort through your files and papers.

• Turn your hobby into a profitable business.

• Start looking for a new job.

Personal growth goals

What’s a blog post about new month, new goals without some examples of personal growth goals? Personal development is so important! Here are some good ideas if you’re interested in setting monthly goals for self-improvement.

• Do things that frighten you.

• Learn to unwind.

• Find a creative outlet.

• Get to know yourself with some self-discovery questions.

• Play an instrument.

• Make it a habit to step out of your comfort zone.

• Repeat powerful affirmations.

• Limit your TV time to no more than 30 minutes per day.

• Learn how to make new recipes with ingredients you aren’t familiar with.

• Improve your memory using these good memory improvement tips.

• Make new friends.

• Forgive yourself.

Learn to say “no.”

Stop unnecessary criticism.

• Take an online photography class to improve the photos on your blog.

• Surround yourself with people who think the same way you do.

• Try something new for a month.

• Track your thoughts, let go of anxious thoughts, and re-evaluate your thoughts.

• Find and weaken your triggers.

• Stop trying to avoid your problems.

• Examine your surroundings and, if necessary, change or improve the environment.

• Reduce screen time and social media usage.

• Cook something new.

• Stop lying to yourself.

• Do something you’ve been putting off for a long time.

• Every day, try to do something selfless.

• Stop gossiping.

• Finish an unfinished project.

• Teach someone something new every day (it can be as simple as an interesting fact).

• Find a replacement for negative talk.

• Spend time with your friends and family.

• Stop comparing yourself to others.

• Discover a new hobby.

• Spend money on experiences rather than things.

• Learn a new skill.

• Try reading or watching something that motivates you to try new things every morning.

• Volunteer.

• Always challenge yourself with some easy personal growth goals.

• Keep up with the news.

• Go minimal.

• Get rid of negative mental habits and replace them with these positive habits.

• Learn a foreign language by downloading Duolingo or a similar app.

• Learn how to create new makeup looks.

• Learn to accept and give compliments.

• Make time for the people who matter to you.

• Stop making fun of yourself.

• Do a social media detox.

• Take more photos every day.

• Read at least one chapter of a good book every day.

• Work on your personal projects.

• Learn something you’ve always wanted to learn by taking an online course.

• Visualize.

• Live each day as if it were your last.

Start romanticizing your life with these easy tips.

• Stop frightening yourself.

• Try not to lie for a month.

• Use a stopwatch to use time more efficiently.

• Find out what your strengths are.

• Start keeping a daily journal like this one.

• Stop postponing things with these productivity tips.

• Fix your self-image.

• Continue to educate yourself.

• Try something new every day.

• Get rid of toxic people in your life.

• Find a mentor.

• Create a fear ladder to assist you in confronting your fears.

• Get rid of these bad habits.

• Create a gratitude journal or a bullet journal to practice gratitude.

• Discover new podcasts to listen to.

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A list of monthly goals related to organizing

Here are some cool goal ideas for the month if you want to organize your life.

• Start fixing all the things that need to be fixed in your home.

• Do the dishes after dinner.

• Devote at least 30 minutes per day to doing what you enjoy.

• Every night, make a practical to-do list for the next day.

• Make a list of movies you want to see, books you want to read, and so on.

• Rearrange the furniture in your home.

• Make a bucket list of places you want to visit.

• Cancel any subscriptions that you don’t want or aren’t using.

• Declutter or clean your home.

• Prepare for the next day the night before.

• Make a list of your life goals and an action plan for achieving them. Here are 7 areas of life to set goals.

• Go shopping only once a week.

• Back up your photos, computer, and phone.

• Make a bucket list of places you want to visit.

• Make plans for your next vacation.

• Create to-do lists (here are some other fun lists you can make).

• Create a vision board to assist you in reaching your goals.

• For 30 days, try to get rid of at least one extra thing you don’t need per day.

• Organize your belongings.

• Use a notebook in every life situation. Here’s a REUSABLE notebook that I really like.

• Get rid of all the unnecessary items.

• Make your bed every morning.

• Make it a habit to delegate everything that can be delegated.

• Organize your e-mail folders.

• Start meal planning and meal prepping with the help of this life-changing meal planner.

• Make a one-year, five-year, and ten-year plan.

• Make a list of all the museums, sporting events, and concerts that you want to visit.

• Organize your closet.

• Make lists for everything.

• Do a thorough cleaning with your technology.

• Participate in a 30-day glow-up challenge, a 30-day personal growth challenge, or a money-saving challenge.

• Clear out your social media presence.

• Make sure that everything has a proper place at home.

• Sort through your old photographs.

• Make an inventory of your life.

• Sort out your priorities.

Using these good monthly goals is an opportunity to turn your life around

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Like I said, new month, new goals. What did you think of this blog post about the best monthly goals? What are your goals for this month? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to know!

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