197 Fun Lists to Make to Organize Your Life

Lists to make when you’re bored

Making lists to organize my life is my favorite thing e-v-e-r. I like to make lists and find new lists to write because it gives me an overview of everything and allows me to better organize my life. That’s why I came up with this blog post about fun lists to make.

Writing lists calms me down, relieves my stress, and even gives me new ideas. I love lists so much!! You can even make lists to kill time and boost your mood.

What are the other benefits of making lists?

Making lists can help you organize your thoughts, prioritize your daily tasks, and avoid forgetting important details. You can also use lists to break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, making the big task at hand easier to complete.

Crossing items off a list can also provide you with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep working. Making lists is a wonderful way to stay organized and on top of your responsibilities in general.

As an avid list maker, I can say that the best lists are the ones that happen unexpectedly.

There are lots of different types of lists. How and where you make your lists is up to you. I’m a big fan of making lists by hand.

I like to take my notebook and make all kinds of separate lists in it. You can also take a sheet of paper and your favorite pens, take notes on your phone, or write them on your laptop.

I like to set reminders to ensure that I’m properly working toward achieving my task list or whatever.

It doesn’t matter how, where, or when you do it. What matters is that you’re having fun and expressing your creative side.

Btw, did you know that studies show that people who make such lists perform better?

I know you already want to get some inspiration to start making lists, so let’s move on to the list of lists to make to help you come up with your own list(s).

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List ideas that include your favorites

The favorites lists are my favorite lists (pun intended). I love all the little things in life, and such an overview of my favorite things is the best way to boost my mood even more.

  • List of your favorite podcasts
  • List your favorite blogs
  • List your favorite memories
  • List your favorite affirmations
  • List your favorite breakfasts
  • List your favorite ways to exercise
  • List your favorite dinners
  • List your favorite apps
  • List your favorite smells, sights, sounds, feels, and tastes
  • List your favorite holiday traditions
  • List your favorite parts about your body
  • List your favorite self-care routine ideas
  • List your favorite scenes from TV series/movies
  • List your favorite books
  • List your favorite TikTok accounts
  • List your favorite lunches
  • List your favorite movies
  • List your favorite teachers
  • List your favorite cars
  • List your favorite meals
  • List your favorite restaurants
  • List your favorite summer activities
  • List your favorite things in nature
  • List your favorite quotes
  • List your favorite winter activities
  • List your favorite desserts/treats
  • List your favorite jokes
  • List your favorite people
  • List your favorite Pinterest accounts
  • List your favorite drinks
  • List your favorite TV shows
  • List your favorite songs
  • List your favorite singers
  • List your favorite athletes
  • List your favorite YouTubers
  • List your favorite bands
  • List your favorite recipes 
  • List your favorite hobbies like these ones
  • List your favorite spring activities
  • List your favorite autumn activities
  • List your favorite animals
  • List your favorite things to do
  • List your favorite Instagram accounts
a to do list

Lists to make for fun that include everything about yourself

Lists about yourself are really fun, because who doesn’t like self-discovery? Every now and then, it’s good to discover and get to know yourself. It helps us get closer to our goals and understand why we do things the way we do and how to improve ourselves.

  • List the nicest things people have done for you
  • List ways you can save more time
  • Make a master list of the things you’re good at
  • List all the qualities you like about yourself the most
  • List gift ideas for gifts you’d like to receive
  • Create a list of how you’d like to turn your life around
  • List gifts you’d like to give to other people
  • List all the reasons why you’re awesome
  • List the things you love about yourself
  • List the things you will never tolerate
  • List the best gifts you’ve ever been given
  • Make a list of things that make you happy
  • List the things you loved to do when you were younger (and do them now)
  • List the things you can’t live without
  • List good journaling prompts to help you heal
  • List things you feel you don’t do enough
  • List the easiest ways you can make a difference in the world
  • List the ways you’ve changed during the last years
  • List things you’re grateful for
  • Create a list of what your perfect day looks like
  • Make a list of your role models
  • List your weaknesses and ways to deal with them
  • List everything that makes you feel stressed
  • List what you’d do with million dollars
  • List all the things you’d do if you weren’t so afraid
  • List the things you’d tell your younger self (or even your older self?)
  • List your dream vacation places
  • List things to do when you’re bored
  • List the things that make you laugh
  • List your positive habits
  • List reasons you’re proud to be yourself
  • List your values
  • List your strengths
  • List ways you can step out of your comfort zone
  • List things you’d get rid of to make the world a better place
  • List the best compliments you’ve received in your life
  • List the things you have to do before you die
  • Create a list of what you can do to improve your mood drastically
  • List all the ways you sabotage yourself and how to avoid these patterns
  • List ways you can practice self-care
  • List your hobbies
  • Make a list of new places to visit before you die
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Cool list ideas about relationships and other people

Here are some great list ideas about relationships. Evaluating your relationships is a great idea because the people around you play a huge part in your life.

There’s a saying that positive things attract positivity and negative things attract negativity. So, surround yourself with positive people, eliminate those toxic people who add no value to your life, and you’ll see your life take a positive turn.

  • List the celebrities you’d like to meet
  • List the ways you can make your significant other feel special
  • List your future children’s names
  • List date night ideas
  • Make a list of the ways to improve communication in your relationships
  • List the people you’d like to remove from your life
  • Make a list of things you love about your loved ones
  • Make a list of tips for building long-lasting relationships
  • List goals for your relationship
  • List random acts of kindness you can do for others
  • List reasons you’re a good friend
  • List all the people who love you for who you are
  • List people you’ve helped in your life
  • List the best things your parents have taught you
  • List ways other people have made your day
  • List ways you can make other people’s day
  • List the people that have changed your life
  • List signs of a healthy relationship
  • List your roles in life as a mom, sister, aunt, best friend, wife, etc
  • List activities you’d like to do with your significant other
  • List the ways you feel love
  • List people who have helped you
  • List people you admire

Ideas of lists to make about your past achievements

Sometimes it is good to remember past achievements because it inspires us by showing us how far we have come, how much we have achieved, and how many wonderful things we’ve experienced.

  • List all the countries/cities you’ve visited
  • Make a list of top accomplishments from your education
  • List things you worried about in the past that never came true
  • List your happiest memories
  • Make a list of all the good news that you received last year
  • Make a list of your volunteer or community service contributions
  • List all those times you put your mind to something and succeeded at it
  • List all the adventures you’ve been on
  • Make a list of major professional milestones
  • List the good things you’ve done that you’re very proud of
  • List the times you said yes when you wish you’d actually said no
  • Make a list of awards or honors that you’ve received
  • List any miracles you’ve seen happen during your lifetime
  • List the moments in your life that taught you the biggest life lessons
  • Make a list of certifications or training that you’ve completed
  • List the goals you’ve achieved
  • List the problems you’ve solved or the obstacles you’ve overcome
  • List the most important turning points in your life
  • List the major losses you’ve had to encounter in your life
  • Make a list of personal or professional development courses that you’ve taken
a daily to do list

Fun lists about your future plans/goals

Lists about future plans and goals are some of the greatest lists to make for fun.

Keep in mind that if you write down your goals, your chances of achieving them increase. In addition, it’s a good idea to have all your goals in one place so you can read them again and again if necessary.

  • Create a ta-da list (things you’ve done)
  • List some really good self-care goals
  • List things you have to constantly stop worrying about
  • List all the countries/cities/towns you want to visit
  • Create a list/a plan for your next vacation
  • List TV series to watch
  • Create a bucket list of things you want to do. You can also create seasonal bucket lists
  • Make a list of lists to make (he-he)
  • List the concerts/performances you’d like to see
  • Make a list of habits you would like to adopt
  • List the hobbies you’d like to try
  • List the foods/meals you’d like to try
  • List any appointments or meetings you need to attend
  • List the most important tasks you’ve been postponing and really need to get done
  • List the movies you want to watch
  • List the articles you want to read
  • List your outfit plan for the following week
  • List financial goals for the following year
  • Come up with your work to-do list
  • List the skills you’d like to learn
  • List your (future) dream purchases
  • List restaurants and cafes you’d like to visit
  • List the goals you want to achieve in your life
  • Make a list of plans for starting a family or having children
  • List things you need to declutter at home
  • List your health goals for the following year
  • List your daily routines or your daily schedule
  • List your personal growth goals for the following year
  • List self-discovery goals
  • List your career-related goals
  • Make a weekly to-do list
  • List all the things you’d like to improve about yourself (and then do it)
  • List online courses you’d like to participate in
  • List your mental health goals
  • Make a monthly to-do list
  • List the books you want to read
  • Make wish lists
  • Make a list of ways you want to give back to your community
  • List e-mails you have to send immediately
  • Write a daily to-do list and organize daily to-dos by priority
  • List recipes you’d like to try out
  • List everything you need to clean in your home
  • List toxic habits you have to quit

Lists about random stuff/things to know

These are some really good lists to make when bored because they include random stuff that you can get really creative about.

  • List bills you have to pay and their due dates
  • Create a birthday/holiday wishlist
  • Make a list of ways to reduce stress
  • Create a pre-printed grocery list to avoid impulse shopping when you go to the grocery store. It literally makes grocery shopping much easier. Making shopping lists is my favorite thing to do!
  • Create a list of car maintenance log
  • Make a list of tips for better time-management
  • List questions to ask your doctor during your next visit
  • Make a list of important things, such as important dates or important items to buy during sales
  • List future thank you notes to write
  • List important facts, contact info of your family members, phone numbers, or addresses
  • Create a packing list that you can use when you’re going to travel
  • List birthdays and anniversaries to remember
  • Create a list of cards to send
  • Make a list of must-know survival skills
  • List house chores to deep-clean your home. Household lists will make a huge difference in your life
  • List to-do’s for your night routine
  • Create a list of your passwords and usernames
  • Make a list of mind-blowing science facts
  • Create meal planning or meal prepping lists in your meal planner
  • Create a list of rainy-day activities
  • List your cleaning schedule
  • Create a pantry/fridge and freezer inventory list
  • Create a brain dump list of ideas and thoughts
  • List ways you can make some extra money
  • Make a list of tips for staying organized
  • List to-do’s for your morning routine

These are the 197 fun lists to make when you want to organize your life

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What did you think of these list ideas? Would you like to add any ideas to this list of ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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